Hopefully, you have a number of Squidoo lenses up and running. It costs nothing to join, they host your content so you don’t need a hosting account to profit, they have powerful, built-in networking features and they even pay you commissions on all revenue generated from your pages (called lenses).

BUT… are you taking advantage of these powerful, built-in networking tools? Here’s three things you should start doing at Squidoo immediately. Read the rest of this entry »

Whether you are new to internet marketing or an old pro, I’m sure we can all agree on one thing. Recurring revenue rules! Month after month, the checks keep coming in whether you work or not.

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Have you watched the shows on TV featuring people that have achieved financial freedom from working a few hours a day selling on Ebay? Have you brainstormed for hours trying to figure out how to break into the Ebay selling game but keep coming up with nothing?

You’re not alone and SaleHoo claims to have a solution for your dilemna. A built in network of over 5,000 wholesale suppliers willing to dropship in your name. So it’s it a legitimate opportunity or just another open window for you to throw you money out of? Let’s discuss… Read the rest of this entry »

This is to show you how to make more money using Build A Niche Store (Bans). If you aren’t familiar with Build A Niche Store (Bans), it’s a niche store generator that allows you to profit from the Ebay affiliate program. For more information on Build A Niche Store, click the link now (watch the Build A Niche Store Video), or otherwise continue reading to learn how to make more money from the Ebay affiliate program using Build A Niche Store (Bans). Read the rest of this entry »