How To Make More Money Using BANS (Build A Niche Store)

This is to show you how to make more money using Build A Niche Store (Bans). If you aren’t familiar with Build A Niche Store (Bans), it’s a niche store generator that allows you to profit from the Ebay affiliate program. For more information on Build A Niche Store, click the link now (watch the Build A Niche Store Video), or otherwise continue reading to learn how to make more money from the Ebay affiliate program using Build A Niche Store (Bans).

If you’re reading this, I’ll assume that you are already using the Build A Niche Store software and are comfortable using it. We will talk about how to make more money through the Ebay affiliate program by better niche targeting.

It is already implied by the name of the software itself that you should be focusing on niche markets, the question is… are you focusing on niches that are going to make you the most money?

Many people suggest using tools like googles keyword tool or the Ebay Pulse to find the hot niches. While it’s true that once you’ve found your niche, the google keyword tool can be helpful in determing the keywords to use so that you can create multiple niche sites in the same category. When you find profitable niches, why build just one niche site for the product?

Personally, I like to focus on products with large price tags and juicy commissions. Things like gaming consoles, digital cameras, digital camera lenses, even tickets, certain collectible items, etc..

To do this, you want to build micro-niche sites.

That’s drilling it down a step or two further than the normal niche sites where you might create a photography site and use Build A Niche Store to create sub-categories for everything below that level, if there are even any levels below it.

Using the micro-niche method, you would create a “Canon Digital Camera Lenses” niche site or a “Wii Gaming” niche site instead of a “Gaming Site” where you list all sub-categories.

So, why would we want to do this?

First, I really don’t care to spend my time building niche sites for small ticket items where the commissions are laughable. If I’m going to take the time to create the niche site, load with content (I’ll get to that later), optimize for the search engines and then build backlinks and other traffic generating methods, I want to make a chunk of change from each sale I refer through the Ebay affiliate program.

Second, by focusing on profitable micro-niches, it allows you to add targeted content and focus on pinpointed traffic sources instead of the “throwing spaghetti against the wall” method of generic marketing.

So far, sales generated in the big ticket items have been putting an average of $38 PER SALE in my pocket. Of course many of those buyers will buy accessory items and other low ticket products where I’ll see commissions anywhere from pennies to a few dollars.

Those low commission sales were what actually got me thinking in the first place, “why am I putting attention to building niche sites that aren’t going to pay me well for my time?”. I corrected that situation quickly!

So how do you find the high ticket items?

Well, I’m afraid there’s no magic tool that I’m aware of. The time tested method of hands on research has worked well for me before and it continues to do so now. Many of these items are obvious if you think about them, then it’s just a matter of breaking out the sub-niches.

You can start with the Ebay Categories Listing Page, which lists all top level categories and first level of sub-categories and drill down from there.

We will pick one as an example and work it through. I already know that flat panel televisions have higher ticket prices and pay very nice commissions so I will start there.

If I were creating a “generic” niche site, I would just call it “Television Central” and list all subcategories or even “Plasma Televison Central” and drill down to just plasma televisions but utilizing the micro-niche site strategy, I will start by looking for brands. I can just look through the ebay listings for an idea or I can actually google it for a more accurate list but for now I’ll stick with the Ebay results.

Since I decided to just look through the Ebay listings, I click the “Television” link in the Ebay categories page. I now have a few choices.

LCD (2,462)
Plasma (614)
Flat Screen (144)
DLP (13)
CRT (8)

Each of these is it’s own niche category but we want to drill down, so I’ll start at the top and click on LCD. I get a list of auctions along with more categories if I want to drill it down. For this example, I will just start here but remember, that you can build multiple niche sites for each category so later we may want to come back and build a niche site of 50″ plasma televisions 40″-49″ plasma televisions, etc.. but for now, we would build the following niche stores.

Samsung Flat Panel Televisions
Vizio Flat Panel Televisions
View Sonic Flat Panel Televisions
Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions
Philips Flat Panel Televisions
Westinghouse Flat Panel Televisions
Magnavox Flat Panel Televisions
TruTech Flat Panel Televisions
Sony Flat Panel Televisions
Sharp Flat Panel Televisions
LG Flat Panel Televisions
Audiovox Flat Panel Televisions
Emerson Flat Panel Televisions

There are many other brands but right now we’re able to kick out 13 micro-niche sites which you can add very targeted content to and get backlinks, etc.. from very targeted websites and advertising sources.

As I mentioned above, you could now go through and build micro-niche sites for the different screen sizes with mixed brands and then repeat for all other categories of televisions and come out with hundreds of highly lucrative micro-niche sites.

Now repeat this with other high ticket categories like computers, cell phones, gaming systems and so on.

Using the micro-niche method also allows you to take advantage of the Build A Niche Store template system and add in relevant, highly targeted ads from other affiliate programs like Amazon and CJ. The more options you give your visitors, the more sales you will make.

That wraps it up for today. Next time we’ll go over how to use the easy Build A Niche Store template interface to add in targeted content via articles, rss feeds, etc.. to help bring in the search engine traffic and in a later update we’ll go into building the backlinks and other traffic generation for your Build A Niche Store sites.

Until next time,


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2 Responses to “How To Make More Money Using BANS (Build A Niche Store)”

  1. This blog post was very helpfull and I want to thank you very much. I have been doing Bans sites for about 6 months now and have been working very hard at getting content on my sites. Could you give some advice on how to get more traffic to each of my bans sites?
    Thanks and good luck
    Blaine Sword

  2. Hi Blaine, I’m glad you found this post helpful. Traffic is the big missing link for nearly every online business. Original content is critical for search engine traffic and it sounds like you are doing that. I checked out your hockey site and it looks outstanding. Read this free Traffic Report to see how some big time internet marketers drive traffic.

    Best wishes!

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