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4 Ways Anyone Can Make Money Fast Online (Tips by Maverick Money Makers)

While I advocate building a long term, substainable internet business, sometimes you just want to make money fast. While making money fast is possible it won’t continue to product income for you if you aren’t doing the work so I wouldn’t look at it as a business model by any means but it has a place if you use these quick money making methods to seed your actual internet business then it can be a good thing. With that said, here’s four ways to make money quickly online as provided by Maverick Money Makers.

1. Get paid to write articles
2. Get paid to take surveys
3. Get paid to post on forums
4. Get paid to take pictures

Associated Content, now known as ContentCurrent is probably the best place to start making money right away. They will pay you for writing and submitting articles to their site. They claim to pay up to $40 per article depending on length and quality and demand for type of content but usually you will be offered $10 or less on average. This is not bad if you can write 10 or more articles per day which is really not that hard once you get in the flow.

If you have never written articles before, you should take a look at Write Like a Maniac, it’s only $7 and is invaluable if you intend to pursue this source of revenue. Then check out my post… My Secret Source for Unlimited Article Content to supply you with fresh article writing content and lastly, grab my free article writing software, 8 minute article writer.

New: ContentCurrent now pays for people to post in forums so there’s another source of income from the same site.

Surveys4Checks is a directory of big companies that want to know what consumers think about their company or products. Every year these companies spend huge amounts of money on market research and here’s your chance to earn some quick money by completing surveys. You will not get rich doing this. It is not a long term business model but it is a way to put some money in your pocket to put toward starting your real internet marketing ventures. While a little time consuming, it can be sped up greatly by using Roboform. Download my free roboform guide to learn how to set it up for maximum results.

Forum Booster is a website used by internet marketers that want to help get their new forums off the ground. One thing that helps to jump start a new forum is by building an active community (or one that appears active) and they do this by buying your posts. Forum Booster will pay you .10 per post on these list of forums. This doesn’t seem like much but if you can make 60 posts per hour, that is $6/hr. Again, you won’t get rich using this method and the money stream drys up when you stop posting but using this as seed money to ramp up your own online business venture can be a valuable tool.

There are numerous sites where you can sell your pictures online. Webmasters and companies need stock photos to use on their websites, in their newsletters and promo materials and they are willing to pay top dollar for quality photos. Rather than go into much detail here, check out my post… Making Money Selling Digital Pictures Online – Free Report Shows You How! Unlike the other quick money making methods, this one can actually be a long term business solution. Once your pictures are listed for sale, they can  continue to be sold forever depending on how you license them.

There are literaly thousands of ways to make money fast online but these four are probably the quickest and easiest for any novice to start making money right away.

While doing this, think about building a long term, multi-revenue stream, semi-automated online business. One that will provide support for you and your family over the years with much less effort.

You can learn more ways to make money as well as long term internet marketing business models from a real internet marketing millionaire by visiting Maverick Money Makers. It would be well worth your time to check them out if you really want to know what it feels like to earn real money online.

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