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The Mini Site Formula For Building A Profitable Niche Site Empire

Often, the hardest part regarding making money online begins trying to build that 1st profitable site. Let’s take a look today at mini sites and towards the end, I’ll give you a link where you can actually get a proven, money earning site so you can start actually making money right from the very first day.

You may have read my post, The Dollar A Day Method To Internet Riches which covered a variety of ways to build niche websites focused on earning at least one dollar a day and then repeating the process until you have hundreds of sites. Imagine having hundreds or thousands of sites all earning just $1 per day.

Today we’re taking a look at The Mini Site Formula

With the Mini Site Formula it’s possible to start out with little or no money.

Getting Started

  1. Choose a hot topic for your mini-site
  2. Register a keyword focused domain name
  3. Set up hosting and publish your niche website
  4. Add keyword rich content to your niche website
  5. Promote and build traffic to mini-site
  6. Scale up by repeating the process

Scaling is the key to this method of online income. Once you learn the proper technique for setting up niche websites that make a little money every day, It’s easy to replicate. The formula is proven, it works as well on thousands of sites as it does one.

Another key to this is the keyword rich content which the search engines love. Using newer technology it’s possible to build niche websites that automagically update with subject relevant content from around the web and dynamically generate unique pages for you. That’s the beauty here, you set these sites up one time and they continue on their own as if you’re sitting at your desk working hard on adding new content every day. And this system works for one website or ten thousand websites. Just set them up one time and move on!

People are making a ton of money using The Mini Site Formula

This formula is not affected by the economy. The way these sites are monetized they will keep making money around the clock. Regardless of how tough the economy becomes, people will still use the internet, maybe even more so now than before as they search for jobs, tax breaks and everything else you can think of. All of these can be turned into profitable niche sites and you’re providing searchers the information they’re looking for. You can feel good about that.

If you’ve been searching for a way to make money online. A way which gives you a fully automated, hands off system for generating revenue and built for the long term, sites that will continue to make money for years without any input or effort on your part once they’ve been established.

If that’s you, take a good look at The Mini Site Formula for complete, in-depth instruction, videos and templates that will guide you to setting up and building your own niche site empire.

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