Free Online Tool to Create Mind Blowing Music Videos From Your Photos

Traffic is the key to being profitable online. Without it, your website, no matter how perfect, can not make money. I know you’ve heard about YouTube but maybe you don’t have the equipment, ideas, experience or software to create videos. Good news! I’ve found a very powerful online tool you can use to create unique videos.

Animoto was founded by a group of individuals ranging from MTV producers, musicians and software developers to utilize cutting edge artificial intelligence that acts like a real editor and director.

Super simple to use and produces high quality music vids using photos in just a few minutes. Say goodbye to boring slideshows! Just select the song you want to use and Animoto thorough analyzes it and then produces a completely unique vid every time. No two videos will ever be identical.

If you don’t have your own photos or third party photos licensed for commercial use, you can use public domain photos for free. See my post “How to Make Money Using Public Domain Photos” for information on acquiring public domain photos. You can also find royalty free music in the public domain so be sure and check that out.

You can also find newer music released under the Creative Commons License which allows musicians a way to get their music out and heard while controlling what restrictions will apply. Many allow for derivative work creations. You can find music under this license at Dmusic, Jamendo, Soundclick and Opsound as well as others if you search google. You can learn more about this type of license at

Once you’ve produced your tv quality music video you can quickly share them through your blogs, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube or just email them to your list. To post to YouTube, just click the button with the YouTube logo beneath the video while watching it and follow the instructions to export it.

Taking a look at Animoto from a different angle than the online business one and you can find plenty of ways to use this service for offline business as well.

Photographers now have a professional tool at their disposal for creating mind blowing videos for their clients. Since the video creation service is so inexpensive, you can add this in as an unannounced bonus to build customer satisfaction or offer it as an upsell.

Try it out and see if you can’t build a massive amount of free traffic to your websites.

Watch a sample video

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