How to Make Money Using Public Domain Movies

Do a quick google search for “classic movies” and it won’t take long to see that there are some very smart people profiting from public domain movies and why not… there’s no royalties to pay for using these movies. It’s all profit! Learn how you can get started in the public domain movie retail business.

Public domain content is truly the most inexpensive way to get started making money. Why? Because what other business can you start without having to buy your inventory?

I have other posts on profiting from different types of public domain content, you can find those by using the search box and looking for “public domain”. This post will focus on making money by selling “classic” movies.

“Classic movies” is sometimes code for film that is in the public domain. has a section for these movies as well as Netflix.

It’s important to know which movies are in the public domain and which aren’t so you don’t get yourself into any legal trouble. You also need to be aware that if someone else has made certain changes to public domain works that the new work may now be copyrighted, though the original work will still remain copyright free so you have to make sure you are using the original work. More can be learned regarding the legalities by following the links at the bottom of this post.

So, let’s say that you’ve gotten your hands on the motherlode of public domain movies (see links at bottom of post), and you are ready to start making some money. How would you go about doing that? Let’s go over a few ways others are using these films to make a nice profit.

Sell digital downloads
Sell individual dvd’s
Sell boxed sets
Sell “before they were famous” movies
Sell wholesale
Sell at flea markets
Sell to flea market vendors
Get movies into convienence stores
Sell on Ebay
Sell in iPod format
Sell on
Start a movie review site
Create YouTube videos
Collage and create your own documentaries
Start your own cable channel (hint: Turner Classic Movies TCM)

This is just skimming the surface. There are thousands of public domain movies available and nearly as many ways to make money from them. Mr. Disney himself got his start from the Grimm Fairytales which were public domain. A few changes here and there to make the characters more modern and another public domain mogul was born.

Selling DVD’s is easy with a service such as Kunaki which will produce professional quality discs for you and send directly to your customers in your name. You even have the option of having them process the payments for you and sending you a check for your profits making it nearly a hands free business.

For more great resources on finding, using and profiting from public domain movies, visit:

The Public Domain Report
Public Domain Report Factory
Public Domain Advantage
Public Domain Survival Kit
Public Domain Prowler Software


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