By now, I’m sure you are aware of the power video marketing can bring to your internet marketing, especially YouTube but before getting started with the camera, you should know what kind of videos are most likely to go viral and bring the flood of traffic you seek.

Creating videos with the following characteristics won’t guarantee they’ll be a big hit but from previous studies, these types of videos tend to do the best. The tricks is to find a way to apply specific characteristics that tend to draw crowds while remaining true to your niche.

Funny Videos – Life is stressful, laughter is medicine and the search engines prove that again and again as people search for terms such has funny, humor, jokes, etc.. If you are able to incorporate humor into your video, you stand the highest chance that your video will be shared by viewers.

Weird Videos – Notice, I said weird and not creepy. There is a distinct difference. Weird is just something outside of the norm while weird is, well, just weird.

Inspirational – You may have seen the video where the mentally challenged kid was given an opportunity to play the last few minutes of the basketball game and makes an incredible shot against all the odds. Remember the movie, Rudy? People love a good story, one that can make them feel like anything is possible.

Shocking Videos- Different from weird and , shocking videos shock the senses. The high speed motorcycle crashes, riots, police brutality videos are all examples of shocking videos.

Interesting Videos- Getting your viewers interested in something while making them want to know more is a great way to prime them for clicking through to your website. Think back recently to the “who was jesus” series that played Easter. They kept me glued to the tv all day because it was just so interesting and they kept me on the edge of my seat waiting for all the pieces to finally be put together. Of course, interesting should be your goal no matter which characteristic you are applying.

Sexy Videos – Just watch a burger commercial. Always a successful marketing ploy and I suspect it always will be.

Personalized Videos- We are a nation of watchers. Flip on the tv and you are bound to run across one if not several reality tv shows playing at any given time. Bring the viewers into your life and make them feel connected somehow to you and the impossible becomes possible as you build a loyal following.

Demonstration Videos – No longer is it necessary to attend a class to learn how to do something. You can go to YouTube and learn how to do just about anything you can imagine. We are really just getting started using the super information highway as a means of getting immediate information. Want to learn how to tile your floor? Just YouTube it!

Gross Videos – Unless you are just an attention hound, you should probably stay away from this one but depending on the product you are trying to market, you may find a certain level of gross is acceptable and even expected but make sure you stop just this side of disgusting. An example would be if you were marketing an herbal cleansing product to clean out intestinal parasites. A small amount of grossness there might get viewers pulling their wallets out quicker than anything else you could say or do.

If you want more clarification on any of these particular characteristics just go to YouTube and search for the video types. You should get more than enough results to help put things in perspective.

The main thing is to GET STARTED!!

YouTube can provide you with an excellent base of free traffic that if done right can product much more traffic than standard search engine optimization techniques as you are relying on yourself and not finicky search engine algorithms.

One thing that seems to really hold people back from jumping into video marketing is feeling that they don’t have the skills or tools necessary to put together nice looking videos.

Don’t let that stop you!

There are plenty of ways to produce video content without even using a camera. You can use public domain photos and a free online service that will produce a professional quality music video for you in minutes.

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