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Michael Rasmussen’s “Get More Buyers” List Building Strategies Review

You may be wondering if it’s true whether internet marketers can send out an email to their subscriber lists and see thousands of dollars start flowing in. Does this seem like magic to you? Or do you think it’s a lie? Let me say, it is neither magic or a lie. As a matter of fact, it’s kind of simple once you have the know how.

There’s a video course by Michael Rasmussen called “Get More Buyers” that shows you exactly how to do just that.

The secret behind the magic is that these internet marketers have a subscriber list brimming with qualified buyers. You see, there is more to building a successful marketing list than just collecting names and email addresses and Michael gives you his top 10 list building strategies that will pack your list with ready buyers. These are the same strategies he personally uses and you will soon see why he is a much sought after joint venture partner.

He clicks his send button and the orders start pouring in!

How would YOU like to have a hungry list like that?

His high quality video course is professionally produced resulting in near studio quality perfection and Michaels presentation is direct and easy to follow. Your eyes will open as everything starts to come together for you and the big picture reveals itself.

Michael starts out by going over the common mistakes made by most list builders which are detrimental to building a highly responsive mailing list. You may be making some of these business damaging mistakes yourself and not even know it.

One example of these mistakes is not creating a proper sales funnel right from the start. Most people either don’t fully understand what a sales funnel is and how powerful a money generation tool it can be or they don’t think they have the right product(s) to construct one right out of the gate. Luckily, Michael covers this in detail and shows you how that challenge is easily overcome.

I mentioned above that Michael is revealing his 10 most powerful list building strategies. Not just an ordinary list of names and email address but a list of BUYERS… buyers that when you click your send button, they click the buy button.

Here’s a small taste of what’s in store for you:

  • The magic number that will send your subscribers into a buying frenzy
  • How to use buyer psychology to increase profits almost instantly by a whopping 50% or more
  • How you can legally steal hungry buyers from other internet marketers and leave them happy you did

Look, you can find list building ebooks everywhere but it’s not often a true email marketing expert shares such valuable information. The real stuff, the real stuff that works… the stuff the expert uses himself and not just a bunch of regurgitated, publically available information.

But don’t just take my word for it!

You know who else endorses Michaels “Get More Buyers” video course?

How about some of these major internet marketing experts who have seen Michaels results first hand as he’s sent wave after wave of buyers to some of the most successful product launches in recent history.

People like…

Andrew Fox

says… “He single-handedly brought in 280 referral sales in just over 72 hours. That’s almost four sales an hour for three straight days, even in the dead of night” … “I paid him $13,735.04 and I was glad to part with every penny. It’s a joy to pay somebody who can generate results like that at the press of a button”

Jimmy D. Brown

says… “He sold 242 memberships for me in seven days, or just under 25% of the available memberships. That’s by himself. I paid him $2,892.85 for doing that” … “I’ll keep paying him, too, because that’s a residual commission. Members pay me every month, I pay Michael. Simple, right?”

Mo Latif

says… “He brought in over 920 sales in less than 5 days! That made him my #1 Affiliate, and I paid him over $31,954.94 in commissions so far” … “When people ask me how to get their lists to perform, and how to grow them the smart way, I tell them one thing: ‘Get your hands on Get More Buyers! You won’t regret it.”

Dylan Loh

says… “He’s one of the best, if not the best, super-affiliates in the world” … “Each of his emails is a guaranteed winner. I saw that first-hand when he promoted Clickbank Profit Machine for me. He brought in 116 sales in three days.”

Chris X

says… “397 sales for our launch, $20,174.07 in commission paid to Michael during the first week” … “Michael’s giving you the roadmap in Get More Buyers

Brad Callen

says… “I was blown away when you racked up 93 sales in four days and “forced” me to pay you $6,385.82 in commissions” … “Put simply… Don’t beat around the bush. Just get the course”

Michael Cheney

says… “He sold over $55,664 of my product, and I’ll smile every single second as I write him his commission check for $27,832.00″ … “I give it my strongest recommendation”

Mike Filsaime

says… “If you’ve always wondered how folks like me rake in big paychecks by sending emails to our lists, here’s how! Michael’s going to show you how to get your own buyer list…fast.”

How’s that for a who’s who list of internet marketing experts?

And they are all saying the same thing… BUY MICHAELS “GET MORE BUYERS” VIDEO COURSE NOW!!

They’ve all seen first hand the raw power of Michaels cash generating subscriber lists. They’ve each written out huge checks to Michael and I’m sure they’d love to mail you a huge check as well!

If you would like to learn how to build a hyper responsive list of buyers like Michaels, check out the “Get More Buyers” website more complete details and get started building your very own money printing machine TODAY!


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