4 Reasons Why Selling Public Domain Content Can Make You a Lot of Money

You may have heard the term “Public Domain” and wrongly assumed that everything on the internet was in the public domain. This was a common misconception at one point and left a lot of people wide open to various legal actions. In reality, there is a public domain and there are thousands upon thousands of legally republishable works available to you.

Here are four reasons why re-packaging and re-publishing public domain content can be very profitable.

One, using content available in the public domain costs you nothing to use. You will pay no licensing rights and require no authorization to use them to your benefit.

Two, there are thousands upon thousands of content of all types available like books, poems, audio and artistic works just to mention a few. With the amount of content available it is easy to dominate niches.

Three, there is no inventory to buy and nothing to stock. Selling public domain content is truly one of the few ways to start making money without spending money upfront on inventory. This leaves your financial resources available to market your products and drive traffic to your sales pages.

Four, new material transitions to the public domain each and every day. The few people that do profit from this free resource often overlook the fact that copyrights expire all the time and continue to mine the current available collections. Knowing where to watch for these newly expiring copyrights is a goldmine in itself.

Almost as important as properly vetting out public domain content is being able to choose the content which has the most potential for bringing in big profits when re-packaged. Some subjects are timeless and the specifics haven’t changed much over the years.

A few examples of profitable public domain content include…

  • Natural healing, herbal remedies and home remedies
  • Collectors books for pottery, wedgewood, figurines, etc..
  • The occult, palmistry and other mystic materials
  • Stories for children like Aesops fables & the Grimm fairytales
  • Classic movies, music and radio shows

That’s just to name a few!! And they are all out there for you to use completely royalty free!

Another huge, often overlooked benefit is that by making additions to the expired copyright material, you are able to copyright the new, derivative works where it will be protected under US Copyright Law.

So how do you get started finding, re-packaging and re-publishing expired copyright content in the public domain?

That’s a little more detailed than I’m able to get into in this short article but that information is provided in the links below as well as detailed resources on locating public domain content, different business models to resell this material as well as other resources like CD production companies that will reproduce your revised content on disc and mail directly to your buyers in your name for less than $2 per disc.

It’s all here! Everything you need to know about making money selling public domain content.

The Public Domain Report
Public Domain Report Factory
Public Domain Advantage
Public Domain Survival Kit
Public Domain Prowler Software


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  1. One thing, be sure to check all sources to make sure the copyright isn’t still active. Just because it is classic doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t own it. Copyright can be renewed after I think 75 years by family members and the estate of the original owner. There have been some lawsuits going on with classic material so be careful.

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