If you’re new to affiliate marketing or even if you’ve been at it a while but just aren’t making money yet you may be wondering about Affilorama and whether it would be worth your time to join. I signed up and took a good look at it, here’s my Affilorama review.

Affilorama comes in two flavors. free and paid. Signing up for the free version was relatively painless and only took a minute or so. Once you’ve joined, they send a confirmation link which you click to confirm you want access and allow them to contact you via email.

(sign up for free Affilorama account)

It’s an online based membership site which I like better for this anyway. I’ve bought plenty of ebooks in the past and it seems half of them get saved to the hard drive and I never see them again which reminds me, I should scavenge through my files later today and see if I’ve missed any hidden treasures.

The membership area is nicely laid out and easy to navigate. They have several useful tabs at the top like lessons, forum, blog and tools.

Of course, the first thing I’m interested in is the lessons so I take a look there expecting to find a very limited amount of information with a primary purpose to upgrade me to the paid membership, I was pleasantly surprised.

Here’s a look at the content in the lessons section, (note the ‘view all’ link at the bottom of each category).

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

  • What is affiliate marketing
  • Spotting affiliate websites
  • Examples of affiliate websites
  • Finding affiliate programs
  • Do I need a website?
  • View All

Market Research

  • What to look for in an affiliate program
  • Doing keyword research
  • Understanding market interactions
  • Choosing a topic
  • Keyword Research: Evaluating the competition in SEO
  • View All

Pay per Click

  • Doing keyword research
  • What is Pay Per Click?
  • Affiliate Networks Used by Professional PPC Gurus
  • Quality Score and the Google Slap
  • PPC Landing Pages
  • View All

Search Engine Optimization

  • Advanced SEO Tips
  • Beginners SEO
  • Master Plan SEO Strategies with Charles Heflin
  • Sitemaps
  • What is pagerank
  • View All

Site Building

  • Step-by-step: Building a basic web page
  • Uploading your website with Filezilla
  • Linking your domain with hosting
  • What to look for in a hosting provider
  • Which website building software to use
  • View All

Marketing Ideas

  • How to Make Money with Your Blog
  • Introduction to Blogging
  • Setting up a Word Press Blog
  • How to write a blog post
  • Syndicating RSS feeds
  • View All

Content Creation

  • PLR articles
  • Duplicate content
  • Writing product reviews
  • Headlines for affiliate sites
  • PLR Articles Interview
  • View All


  • Advanced SEO Tips
  • Escaping the Slave Cycle
  • Beginners SEO
  • How to Make Money with Your Blog
  • Guerilla Marketing Tactics
  • View All

As you can see, this is a crazy amount of information all provided in the free section. These are all provided in video and/or audio as well as written format online with the difference between free and paid being the paid members also had access to downloadable formats for the computer or mobile device along with lesson notes.

(sign up for free Affilorama account)

Next, I had a look at their members support forum expecting to be unable to access the actual threads. A common upgrading technique is to allow people to see the topic titles and then to hit them with an upgrade necessary to access message. I got no such message and was able to browse through the topics and read the posts with no problem.

For an affiliate marketer I think the forum support is as important if not more important than the actual training materials, especially in an affiliate training website. There are plenty of forums online for internet marketing but since they are free, it seems that everyone has their own agenda and generally only offer assistance with the purpose of selling you something down the line. With a membership based support forum, they want their members to continue and pay their monthly fees so they need to help you make money if they’re going to continue making money.

Next, I checked out their blog section. There was a mixture of good information here along with some obvious marketing attempts promoting other products. Well, who can blame them, they are providing an insane amount of content for free, it’s only natural they need to monetize the free membership in some kind of way.

Next, the tools section. Again, I was expecting to find a limited number of tools with upgrades for the full versions  but they all seemed to be accessible to the free members and not crippled in any way. Most were pretty basic but it was convient having them in one place.

Overall, I don’t see how my Affilorama review could do anything other than recommend you sign up. The amount of information you get for FREE is astounding. It costs NOTHING to sign up. It’s really a no brainer. (sign up for free Affilorama account)

While it’s nothing you can’t bumble around on the internet and find for free anyway, it’s all put together and organized in a way that makes sense and follows a logical path of progression and gives it to you all at once instead of over months or even years as you discover this information on your own and try to put together the pieces of the puzzle in your own mind while you learn affiliate marketing.


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