How to Make Money Creating and Selling Info Products Online

Creating and selling info products online is big business and one of the most profitable online ventures you can get into. You have very little overhead compared to standard, physical product based online retail stores. There’s very little production costs, no warehouse costs, no shipping costs and you won’t need a fancy office or employees to run this type of business. You can do this right from your home.

What are Info Products?

Info products are nothing more than information, usually packaged in an ebook (.pdf) format. Saving your work as an ebook (.pdf) is simple to do with eWriter Pro. It works as a word processor except that it has special tools built in specifically for creating ebooks. When you’re finished you just save it as .pdf and voila, your ebook is ready to market. It’s a great product at a great price, only $7. Compare that to Adobe’s software which runs hundreds of dollars and it’s a definite winner.

What Do You Create Info Products About?

You can create ebooks on virtually any subject imaginable. There are markets for just about everything. You may want to start with subjects you are knowledgeable about or have an interest in since you will be spending time compiling information on these subjects.

What If I Hate Writing?

That’s ok. Many people don’t like writing or just feel like they don’t write well. One well guarded secret of the top successful info product sellers is that they actually have the majority of their ebooks ghost written. This is an advanced technique which is recommended when you come to a point where you can afford to outsource your work.

There are numerous places to outsource info product creation and believe it or not, it’s not that expensive. Using ghost writers to create your ebooks allows you to work on multiple products at the same time and really get your business rolling along nicely.

What Else Do I Need to Know about Info Product Creation?

You can learn all the details of creating and selling info products by downloading Info Product Creation Strategies now. The price has been marked down from $37 to only $17

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Wealth Goes to the One with the Timeliest Information

1.1 Why Sell Information Online?
1.2 The Single Most Important Kind of Information You Should Sell
1.3 A Variety of Information Types You Can Sell Online

Chapter 2: First Step to Info Product Creation Strategies

2.1 Begin Your Info Product Creation Journey with the End in Mind
2.2 The Art of Creating Information on Demand
2.3 Info Product Creation Success Factors

Chapter 3: Creating Info Products on the Fly!

3.1 Types of Info Products You Can Create
3.2 Churning Out In-Demand Info Products in a Zap
3.3 The Elements of a Top Quality Info Product
3.4 Branding Your Info Product
3.5 Getting Your Product’s Digital Cover

Chapter 4: Applying the Finishing Touches

4.1 How to Protect the Value of Your Info Product
4.2 Determining Your Info Product’s Terms of Use

Chapter 5: Entering Your Info Product into the Market War Zone

5.1 How to Strategically Price Your Product
5.2 How to Gather Testimonials for Your Product
5.3 Writing Your Sales Letter
5.4 Don’t Get into Business without Back-End Products!

Chapter 6: In Closing

6.1 A Crash Course Guide on Marketing to Your Prospects
6.2 School of Thought: Go as High-Ticket as Possible

Ready to Start Making Money Creating and Selling Info Products Online?

The download process is automated so you will be able to get your hands on this guide at any hour and get started immediately!

Info Product Creation Strategies

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