Ways I Find and Compete in Profitable Niche Markets

To have a successful niche market it needs to be one where people are buying and one you can compete in.

With today’s economy people tend to spend on things they need and they want them at a discount or with a coupon. Think about what people need. Even in bad markets people need things. I have been recently selling a car. Cars is one of the worst markets to sell anything in, yet people who have wrecked their cars need a car and that was who some of the people who looked at this car were. So in our daily lives there are still things we need and must have. Recently I read an article on how companies adding discount and coupon to their ads are seeing increased sales.

As humans we get involved deeply in some things. Collections, clubs, sports, fashion. To some people these things are their lives. They think, live and breathe something that fascinates and involves them. Have you ever climbed a 2000 foot cliff? Me either, and I won’t, but the people who do live this deeply. When you can provide something that helps that person he will want it.

Finding These Words

The words people use when they talk about what it is the have a passion for tells you the words to use to search for where they are online and see what they will respond to. It really takes sitting down and searching Google to find and follow these discussions and see the terms they use.

Once I find a set of terms I check for Google related searches then run all those phrases at Google Insights for Search. It is kind of like Google trends but you can compare 5 terms at a time and you get regional results and related terms.

Ranking For Your Niche Phrase Terms

I ran the name of a product I am offering in a niche there today and found a rising number of searches for the product name with eBay. Then I checked Google search to see how competitive this is. I got 194,000 searches, but only 24 for the full term in quotes then I knew I can compete for this term easily when the result for (inanchor: product name eBay) was only 38. The inanchor followed by : and a space tells you how many people are really working for that term because it shows how many times a link with the phrase in question has been used as a link building anchor text for that specific phrase..

Inanchor: is also important because it is fairly easy to create inanchor links with articles, web 2 sites and blog comments. There are other ways but I like how these are fast and easy. I use sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, Weebly.com wetpaint.com to quickly make sites and add anchor links. I also like creating accounts at video sites because you can often put anchor links in your profile.

One new easy way to create videos is with animoto.com. All you need to do is upload some images and they provide the rest and turn out attractive videos. I pus the on YouTube and make sure my link is in the description. I also use Tubemogul.com which will put your videos in many sites for free and track the views. It is not just about viewers it also about how good these sites are for links.

This morning I see one of my terms is getting me 6 out of 10 results on page one of Google. It is a very competitive niche though not a super competitive term. As time goes on by building links with blog posts, web 2 sites, articles, commenting blogs, and videos I will grow my listings in this niche.

Start where you can gain entry, even in competitive niches there are related terms that can be found, then as you continue to build you will rank for more terms.

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Warner Carter is Author of the Adventures in Internet Marketing Blog.

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