My First 5 Days With Maverick Money Makers – Can You Make Money Fast Online?

Day 1: While doing some keyword research for one of my own products, I come across an Adwords ads for Maverick Money Makers™. I’m pretty up-to-date on the “Home Business Opportunity” market and was surprised that I haven’t come across this one yet. The ad was clean and impressive so I clicked on it. I had no intention of buying but I did want to read the sales page.

The sales page is clean and well written. Mack Michaels, the creator of Maverick Money Makers™ does a great job incorporating videos. In fact, the entire club is comprised of step-by-step videos, which make it super-easy to learn his techniques. And, you get some really good info before you ever spend a dime. I’m sold. I buy. Then I hit the hay.

Day 2: I log into my Maverick Money Makers™ account and choose a video to watch. I skip the “Complete Core Training System” and jump right into the “Quick Money Blueprints.” After all, I want to make money online fast. I just spent $97 and I want to get it back pronto. The first “Quick Money Blueprint” I watch describes how-to make money with Yahoo Answers. I follow the blueprint step-by-step to promote one of my existing products. Mack suggests answering 10 questions before including any affiliate links. I get impatient and answer about 5 or so before throwing links in. I figure if I’m going to make some money then I should double up. Soon I have peppered Yahoo Answers with my Affiliate links. I log off and get a beer.

Day 3: Success! A Sale! The Yahoo Answers “Quick Money Blueprint” worked. I sold one of my products for a total of $60.97. I get a surge of adrenaline and I am excited to start promoting my product even more. I log back onto Yahoo Answers only to find my Avatar is gone. My answers are gone. I check my email…YAHOO ANSWERS ACCOUNT SUSPENDED! I guess I should have listened to Mack. Answer 10 questions before trying to sell something. A lesson learned the hard way. I open a new account and start all over again. Hey, for $60.97 per sale it’s worth it!

Day 4: Two more sales! $26.96 for a reverse phone search product I promoted the day before and, $44.37 for Maverick Money Makers™ which I have also begun promoting. I am especially happy about the $44.37 because I know I will get the same amount every month. This program has officially paid for itself in 3 days. That’s impressive. I celebrate with another “Quick Money Blueprint.” This time I choose the module called “Google Trends.” I watch the video and learn something I didn’t know before (always a plus.) Mack shows me a place to find red-hot Clickbank products and how-to effectively market them for some quick cash. I watch the video, pick a product, write some Adwords ads and let the Internet do it’s magic.

Day 5: It’s Saturday morning and I wake up and check my Clickbank account. Holy cow! $79.66! Incredible. The red-hot product that Maverick Money Makers™ helped me pinpoint and promote made me $79.66 in less than 12 hours. I check my AdWords account and see that my link only received 5 clicks for a total cost of $1.97. That means a $2.00 investment returned $75.00 profit. That’s sweet! Plus, this too is a recurring monthly product that I never would have tried if it weren’t for Maverick Money Makers™. I spend several hours on Saturday morning moving all of my marketing resources to this new product. I also smile because this time, I didn’t get taken for a ride. If I never make another dime Maverick Money Makers™ paid for itself twice over in just a few days. That’s a great product! I can’t wait to see what the next five days will bring.

If you want to make money fast online with your own home business opportunity here are a couple of things to remember that will help you find success with Maverick Money Makers™:

1. Follow Mack’s suggestions to a tee. It will save you time and money. 9As I learned the hard way.)

2. Watch the Quick Money Blueprints first. They are perfectly named and will have you earning money online in just an hour or so.

3. Find recurring billing products. If you sell an ebook or piece of software then you get paid once. If you sell a recurring club membership or online subscription then you get paid every single month for the same amount of work.

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Mark Kaye is a radio and television host and Internet marketing expert. For more information about Maverick Money Makers visit

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