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Social Bookmarking, Bookmarking Demon and Young Blogs – Get Noticed!

I am a blogger who mainly deals with SEO and Link Building. One of the questions that I am often asked is how to improve a site’s search engine rankings. I answer that the best way is to build up one way links naturally from sites with high page ranks. Well, not everybody is capable of doing so. So what is a struggling young blog supposed to do in order to attract initial traffic that can start your blogging community?

This is where social bookmarking comes in. These backlinks can provide for you the starting traffic that you need in order to gain awareness from your blog. Start becoming active on social networking sites, and you’ll be noticed. Comment on the submissions of those bloggers in the same niche as your own, and they will appreciate your attention. Just like blog commenting is important, commenting on the posts of fellow bloggers on social bookmarking sites is also a nice tip.

I use Sphinn, Delicious, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, and Propeller for traffic. Over 35 percent of all of my main blog’s traffic is from social bookmarking sites. I now have 100s of followers on various sites and this led to a nice increase in my organic search engine rankings. The backlinks from the social bookmarking sites really helped my blog grow.

In the beginning of any blog, your first focus should be content. After a few weeks of decent content, then you can start going onto trying to get traffic. You must get noticed. Social Bookmarking does depend somewhat on luck, and you are not guaranteed by any means. But if your blog becomes a keeper, then you will have made a huge imprint on your niche.

Social bookmarking is huge when it comes to blog exposure and I think it ranks right behind blog commenting in terms of valuable backlinks to a growing blog. Your blog can go viral on social bookmarking sites – it’s just a powerful opportunity.

There are 100s of social bookmarking sites out there and all you need for your blog to take off is for it to catch on to one of them. For me, it was Twitter, and I receive 2000 hits to one of my better posts in 24 hours after it caught on at Twitter. Many of these hits became future readers of mine, and they are readers who contribute by writing comments, and by linking to me from other social networking sites. Moreover, they subscribe to my blog and become long time readers. This isn’t everyone, but it’s enough that it made a big difference. Linkers Blog became PR 3 in just one month because of this!

So how do you know which social bookmarking site to submit to?

Well, you don’t. You never know which social bookmarking site is your future gold mine. So you should submit to all of them. Well, you might ask, that will take days! Well, there is software that will do it for your automatically. It costs $147 and is called Bookmarking Demon. For many people, this becomes their lifesaver as it saves them hours of submitting each individual blog post. I’m a fan, but I will warn you in advance that it’s not for everyone. It’s worth it for me because I try to post on several niche blogs everyday which bring in income. If you’re not already pulling in money, I might not bother with it.


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