WordPress Goldmine Review – An Unconventional Scam?

Is WordPress Goldmine an unconventional SCAM? It’s perhaps one of the weirdest sales pages I have ever seen in the world of Internet Marketing. The sales page starts with the following headline…

This is No Coventional Sales Page Because This is No Conventional Product

Then, followed by a 7 minutes video telling you WHAT exactly you’re going to get inside the WordPress Goldmine package, an unconventional way of accessing and downloading the package after your purchase, and a couple of testimonials.

In the Internet Marketing world, normally you’ll see loads of HYPE and outrageous claims in the sales letters but you won’t find any of this in WP Goldmine’s sales page. That’s why it catched my attention.

Usually, I don’t pay much attention to WordPress guides. This is because I’m very familiar with WP and I find many information related to WP can easily be obtained for free (you just need to spend a little time searching the web).

Anyway, since it’s such an unconventional sales page and has a 60-day 100% money back guarantee, I got to give it a try and see what is it all about. So I bought WordPress Goldmine and here is my honest review.

WordPress Goldmine is written by Mark Thompson. The main guide is 128 pages long and divided into 5 parts. For those who are familiar with WP can skip or just skim through part 1 as it’s very basic. It shows you how to install WP, change the default settings, change the permalink structure (for SEO friendly purposes), set up the ping list, install new theme, install essential plugins, etc. Nothing is new to me in part 1.

In part 2, it discusses about CONTENT or what and how to add the right content. Essentially, it discusses about prewritten PLR articles and write-your-own articles. No matter where you get your content, it advises us to make our content UNIQUE. Because unique content is the linchpin for getting free organic traffic from the search engines.

Again, nothing is new for me so far. However, there is one thing that’s new to me in part 2, that’s a UAW WordPress Plugins that allows you to get unique content to your blog on auto pilot. I personnaly have NOT try this plugins so I can’t comment too much on this. And, I don’t think I want to try it in my existing blog. If I were to try it later, I would try it on a NEW blog as I don’t trust anything that sounds too good to be true.

Part 3 – Monetization. This is where WordPress Goldmine really shines. This is where it shows its real muscles. You’ll learn the various ways of monetizing or making money with your WordPress blog. The author provides indepth information on how he made $15,000 through just ONE blog post. You not only will see one of his LIVE blogs but he also shows you how you can follow his plan and set up similar blogs.

In my humble opinion, part 3 is perhaps the section that offers you most value for money! Even if you’re a very experienced WP user, I’ll guarantee that you’ll pick up something new here.

BUT, it gets better! In part 4, you’ll learn the author’s secret Traffic Generation System, how he gets organic traffic for FREE (no PPC ad costs, no buying traffic). You’ll also receive an easy to follow diagram that shows you all the steps and sites the author uses to generate free traffic to his blogs. If you follow and implement the WordPress Goldmine’s traffic generation system, the potential result for your site is immense.

I really thought that the guide should have concluded after part 4 but it doesn’t. It the final section (part 5), it shows you the advanced techniques the author uses to promote his blogs. However, the author strongly urges us to have created at least two blogs and apply all the methods taught in the previous sections before trying to learn the advance methods.

I agree! If you read WordPress Goldmine, you should master the basics first and then come back and tackle the advanced stuffs. Trust me on this, it will be a lot more effective if you can master the methods in previous sections first before moving on to part 5.

Last But Not Least:

Besides the main guide, you’ll also receive a bonus package that consists of a software called “WordPress Secure Pro” to protect your blogs from unauthorised users and a set of videos (20 of them) showing you all the tricks on how to optimize your WordPress for SEO purposes.

Closing Comments:

WordPress Goldmine is a quality product that delivers a lot of value, unlike many other IM products that are over-promising and under-delivering. If one of your online business goals is to make money using WordPress blogs, then this product is worth considering.

Hope you find this review informative. Feel free to leave me your comments. Thanks!

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