3 Secret Steps of Sending Your Blog Traffic Spiraling Through the Roof With Social Bookmarking

Thanks to blogs, many ordinary people the world over have created a neat side income or even a full-time income just from blogging alone. But the act of writing a post doesn’t generate profits. You need traffic streaming in to generate cash from your site.

There are a few ways to generate traffic – tag and ping and SEO (search engine optimization) among them. But one of the most effective ways to get visitors is through social bookmarking. Let me show you how.

Here are the secret steps of sending your blog traffic spiraling through the roof with social bookmarking:

Step 1 – Get Auto Social Poster or Social Bookmarking Demon

Step 2 – Create New Posts On A Daily Basis

Step 3 – Watch Your Traffic Explode

Want to learn more about increasing the traffic to your blog using this simple technique? Let’s discuss it in more depth:

Step 1 – Get Auto Social Poster or Social Bookmarking Demon

These are two power packed pieces of software that basically have one task: they bookmark your blog posts automatically at the most popular social bookmarking sites, giving you a flood of instant backlinks every time you hit the ‘Publish’ button when making a new post. Needless to say, this is backlink generation on steroids. You’ll be able to shoot up faster in the search engine rankings and garner more free traffic.

Step 2 – Create New Posts On A Daily Basis

To really make full use of this system, post a new article to your blog on a daily basis if possible. Don’t have time to generate content daily? You can always use reprint articles from article directories!

Step 3 – Watch Your Traffic Explode

Watch traffic from the social bookmarking sites explode as well as your SEO receiving a massive boost. Soon, you’ll be raking up traffic on autopilot and bringing in the cash!

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