Benefiting From Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking sites are some of the fastest growing web sites on the Internet. On these sites you can submit your own links and drive traffic to your site. Some sites also support do follow links which Google can follow as it spiders the web, which will aid in your SEO efforts.

How can social bookmarking web sites help you? Simple. You register with a one, get an account and submit all the sites you want. With the traffic that some sites are getting you can easily increase the traffic coming to your site. And we all know that success online is about traffic.

Social networking sites have several methods that allow users to easily submit links to the site. You can download a Wordpress plugin and install it on your blog or you can download and install a regular widget submit button on your regular web site. It’s easy, just a little cut and pasting of some javascript code and you’re up and running.

The beauty of these widgets is that as you gain more and more traffic on your web site or blog -people will want to submit any articles or blog posts on your web site to social networking sites. When they click the Widget button they can submit your links on your site for you. Now think if a 1,000 people were submitting your links for your site. That’s a lot better than just you doing it yourself. At that point it almost becomes viral traffic.

Social bookmarking is one of the fastest ways to get your content out there in front of others. It’s also a great way to make your content go viral.

Good luck and start using social networking sites today.


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  1. Social Book Marking sites are a great legitimate way to generate traffic and revenue

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