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Social Marketing 101 – 5 Pitfalls From Automated Social Bookmarking Software

In this article I’ll provide some background on how to correctly use the various automatic tools out there for what is popularly known as “tag and ping” or bookmarking. Using these tools correctly can really help you get your website ranking. One of my favorite ways to use them is to help get pages from popular “Web 2.0″ sites like Squidoo, Hubpages or YouTube ranking well in the search engines. You can even use tools like this to get the articles you publish in article directories to rank well.

Unfortunately, automated social bookmarking software is largely perceived to be a SEO Spam tool. Blasting bookmarks out on a massive scale is certainly a method that can be used to promote a website, but that often has short term benefit with long term problems: Your website can get banned, your ISP can cancel your service & the various social tagging sites will block you and stop you from posting.

If you decide you want to use blackhat search engine optimization techniques to promote your website be certain you completely understand the rules of the game. Otherwise you’ll likely waste a lot of time and money for no real benefit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not casting any moral judgment on you if you decide to go the route of the blackhat seo guys, just be sure you know what you’re doing before you go down that path.

Here are 5 of the key things you absolutely do not want to do (unless you don’t mind your site being seen as web spam):

  1. Don’t bookmark thousands of your own pages
  2. Don’t create hundreds of accounts & bookmark the same page over and over again.
  3. Don’t bookmark every single page on your website.
  4. Don’t hammer your ISP by running an automatic tool like this for hours on end.
  5. Don’t buy an automatic posting tool like this unless you completely understand it features and how it works

So if you really should not violate these 5 rules then how do you effectively use these tools? I don’t see anything wrong with automating the process of adding your bookmarks to the bookmarking sites like,,,, and the hundreds of other similar sites on the web. However, you must follow along with the spirit of these social bookmarking sites and add only quality content and not just blast a bunch of junk to them. After all, I’m sure you’d like to use all 500+ sites (I’ve got a list of more than 500 of these sites and it grows constantly), but it’s just impossible to use all these sites by hand. So I use my automated tagging and pinging tools as an extension or tool to help me get my own quality links that I want to save into these sites. Otherwise it would be impossible for me to use them all.

There are a few products out there you can use to automate your automatic social bookmarking campaign. Some of the common ones are: “Social Bookmarking Demon”, “Social Bookmarks Submitter”, “RSS Bookmarker”, “Auto Social Poster”, “SocialMarker”, “OnlyWire”, “Social Buzz Master” and many others. I can offer you a discount on many of these tools. I can even tell you how to get your hands on my top secret tool that I prefer to use. This tool isn’t even publicly available right now.

In closing I want to encourage you to investigate this topic further before deciding on what product or methods you plan to use for your automated social bookmarking software project.

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