Twitter Traffic Machine – Are Your Tweets Boring Your Tweeple?

Twitter Traffic Machine- What You Should Know Before You Use It

Twitter has become a huge success, and the number of tweeple increases each month. There’s no wonder that some marketers have developed software to capitalize on twitter’s growth. The idea of directing thousands of followers with some simple tweets is just too tempting. So does the technique work? How do you find that many followers and how do you keep on top of responding to them? Let’s take a look.

Does Twitter Software Increase Followers?

Well, in a nutshell yes it does work, some of it. However if your intentions are to drive thousands of followers to your links, you still need to market. A simple tweet ” Hey check this out ” may work, but it’s still marketing. If you’ve bored your followers with information they don’t care about and send them a ” Hey check this out ” tweet… you might attract a tumble weed or two. The point is… the software does work, but you still need to give your tweeple relevant information that they are interested in. Give your tweeple information their looking for first, build a good foundation for being a reliable source, then you can show them promotional links that benefit them… and they’ll love you for it. Think about that before you build your lists of thousands of tweeple.

How Twitter Traffic Machine Works

  • How You Find All Your TweepleTwitter Traffic Machine uses software to pick up keywords in tweets. You can quickly find tweeple who are interested in your niche subjects, simply by searching the keywords their using. For example… the word “clickbank” would give you an instant list of online marketers. Not everyone knows what clickbank is nor do they use it in everyday conversation. Now you have a list of marketers who tweet clickbank, and your ready to get started. This is extremely effective in finding niche groups quickly. Now feed your tweeple what their looking for.
  • Now That You Found Thousands Of Tweeple… You now have to keep track of all of them. Bill Crosby knows his stuff and this isn’t just a “Willy Nilly” approach. Now you’ve got thousands of tweeple, you need to keep them organized too… Oh, I forgot… you can build as many niche groups as you like. You can easily keep track of your tweeple, know which to follow, who the leaders are, how many followers they have etc.. Organization is key if your promoting to several different niches, especially if their buying seasons intertwine. When you have thousands of followers in different niches you’ll definitely appreciate software that is designed to organize them.
  • Tweeting Your Tweeps Ok, so you now have thousands of followers… you’ve got them all organized in their lists… now you have a dizzying array of tweets to respond to. Holy Moly how on earth are you going to keep up with all your followers, let alone give them relevant tweets? Automated tweeting… When you set up your tweets on automation, you can constantly deliver relevant useful information to your groups in planned intervals. Brilliant! automated replies with information your tweeple are interested in will keep them informed and they will see you as a valuable resource, not just a “Hey check this out” tweeter.

All In All Twitter Is A Great Resource For Marketers

Managing your list is the easy part, when you have software to help. Twitter is a great resource as long as your seen as a great resource. If you bore your followers with tweets they could care less about… then your not utilizing your marketing abilities. Driving thousands of eyeballs to your offers is a powerful tool, but only if they care to look. Tweet ya later!

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The Twitter Traffic Machine

If your curious, here’s more information about Twitter Traffic Machine

Using Software To Guide Your Tweeple wth Twitter Traffic Machine

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