How to Find Free Public Domain Music For Your Website

When you think of music, you may think of Beethoven or Mozart, the Beatles or the Stones, or maybe Britney or Pink. You may love this music, but the only thing you can do with it is enjoy it. You can’t publish it. You can’t use it to jazz up your website. You can’t add it to your presentation at work or school. You can’t mix it, rap over it, and publish it under your own name.

If you are interested in finding music that you can use freely, you are actually looking for free public domain music. Unfortunately, however, free public domain music is difficult to find and ever harder to verify that is free for your use. A good place to start is, which not only shows you where to look for public domain material, but also tells you how you can use it not only to accessorize your creations, but also to create a profit by republishing the material yourself.

It is no secret that almost everyone has, at one time or another, downloaded a pirated song or a pirated movie. We have all made copies of songs, burned CDs, or loaned someone an album for them to record. This is illegal. If you have ever shown a movie in your home and charged someone even a penny to view it, you have broken the law.

So, it is important that the music you use on your website or presentations be free public domain music. By choosing music that does not belong to someone else, not only will you not be breaking the law, but you will also be ensuring that artists continue to create new material for us all to enjoy.

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W.M Heus is a leading researcher on the subject of public domain sources. He is a director of popular website EarnWithDomains-Blog.Com. He writes informative articles on matters like free public domain music and more. Check out the site for more info!

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