The Relation Between Cheap PPC Traffic and Landing Pages

The strategies on this article will outline the relation that a relevant landing page has when receiving cheap PPC traffic by improving its quality score and reducing its bounce ration.

This could very well stop the Google Slap on your page, so pay attention.

The constant bombarding of information has created internet users thirsty for relevant information only. They want specific information regarding to their needs, and they want it fast. For a PPC advertiser, that means not only picking the right keyword, but delivering exactly what the searcher asked for.

Consider your initial ad as the entry to your landing page; when visitors actually arrive inside, they need to instantly connect the page to what the ad stated.

For example, if they’re looking for “wireless N routers”, and your ad says “Free shipping for US residents”, the landing page needs to state “These wireless N routers have free shipping nationwide” or something similar at a prominent spot.

The best location for that headline insertion is at the top left corner of the page, right below a small company logo. The top left is the place where the eyes start reading the page, and it’s the prime spot at any page.

That brings us to the key strategy to maintaining landing page relevancy:

* Repeating the ad (or parts of it, plus the main keyword combination) on the TOP LEFT CORNER of the page.

This will make the transition from ad to page smoother, and retain your visitor on the page.

Now that they’re on your page, we need to make sure they will stay and perform the actions you want (convert).

About Information Consumption

People digest information in different ways: some like reading, others like watching a video, or listening to an audio interview, and some will simply look at pictures.

In order to have a successful landing page, you need to include as many of those medias as possible to make sure visitors will pay attention.

Not to mention: if your page only has 2 or 3 bullets, an embedded YouTube video, and a sign up form, Google AdWords is likely to slap you for lack of content.

So write original content for your page: well-formed paragraphs, with only a 2-3 bullets.

Add images, even if what you’re selling is an informational product. You can use an eBook cover, or even take snapshots of the video you’re using. Be creative, use cartoons or even clip arts. Humor is a good selling point.

And when you insert your images to the site, use tags with relevant descriptions (nice place to include a keyword!).

Following these strategies will surely get your quality scores up and your cost-per-click down. That, and the fact that searchers will be satisfied, is how a successful PPC landing page gets cheap traffic.

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