Article Submitter Software Review

Article submitters have been around for years now and people often wonder if they should use them or not. So here are some pros and cons about article submitter software.

The Pros

They can submit your article to hundreds of article directories fast. Well that’s about it for the pros. I know you must think that their is more pros than that but its all about how you use the software.

The Cons

See the problem with article submitters is that you are only sending the exact same article to everybody and nobody wants the exact copy. They want unique content and if everybody has it it will get penalized by the search engines and lower its ranking. Plus search engines will not count your link because it is duplicated content and all that work will be for nothing.

Another problem with submitter software is that most article directories have safe guards to keep you from submitting automatically. That means that you will have to go back manually to submit it anyway. In some cases it will go in all messed up and your article will be rejected.

Next problem is that each directory will have different rules for posting an article and no one submitter can account for all the rules. This can lead to your article being rejected.

The Solution

You need to write a bunch of different articles and use the manual submission part of the software to send each different article That way no one is getting the same content. By doing this you will see your links grow without any consequences. Also by using the manual submission part you will have all the directories that the submitter uses at your finger tips. You will not have to jump from website to website submitting.

This will also give you a chance to see what each article directory rules and limits are and make changes necessary to keep your article from being rejected.

Make sure, before you submit any article that you check out the websites that the submitter uses to see if they are legit. You don’t want to send an article to a website that doesn’t exist.

In summary

Now that you have seen the pros and cons you have to decide whether or not to use an article submitter. If used correctly it can be a good thing. Just remember not to send the same article to all and you should be fine.

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