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The AdWords Manifesto – Does it Work?

Like many of you I was skeptical about buying The AdWords Manifesto. I thought it was just another ebook about beating AdWords that gets released every week or so. But I decided to give it a try and I must say I was way off base. My results were impressive to say the least.

Michael Jones, the author of The AdWords Manifesto, does a wonderful job explaining how his system works. In his 161 page book, Michael Jones details step by step instructions on how to start your online business from the ground up using AdWords. It gives you the full run down on how to construct the perfect ads. It also it will teach you how to minimize costs and increase effectiveness of your PPC campaign. Michael Jones explains to you how AdWords has changed and how to implement strategies to generate traffic to your website. I refer back to this book quite frequently to help me with my campaigns and it pays off.

Spyfu and Google’s own keyword tool are discussed in use, with full screenshots to help you make the best possible use of them. If you’ve never used Spyfu for your PPC marketing, you may want to grab this guide because it gives some good techniques for using it. How to move into placement advertising, and how to succeed at it are also discussed in length.

Many people want to know the secrets on how to beat AdWords and The AdWords Manifesto gives you the secrets. The best part is Michael Jones guarantees it.

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