Getting More Traffic by Using Backlinks Software

I often get asked if there is any backlinks software that people can use to promote their websites or blogs. Of course we all know well that any website that doesn’t get some inbound links is never going to be that popular with the search engines. Now if you look around the internet there’s lots of automatic submission services or software available but inevitably all these do is submit your website to the thousands of free internet directories on the web.

The value of appearing in these sites is at the very best negligible, Google often states that the value of links from these sites is worthless simply because free directories don’t offer any value at all to the searcher. I suspect if it wasn’t for the possibility that people would submit their competitors sites to these directories then many of the search engines would actually penalise websites to having links from these directories. The origin of the backlink is of utmost importance in boosting your website, you should only try and obtain backlinks from reputable sources.

There is of course a fundamental problem with getting backlinks for your website, ideally you would be best to obtain these links from important websites in your own particular area. However it’s fairly obvious that these are quite possibly your competitors and the webmasters are unlikely to give you a boost by linking to your site. The importance of getting one-way backlinks is well known to most webmasters and everyone wants them. There are many other ways of getting links however and the ever adaptable SEO industry is always coming up with some new method.

Some methods of Gaining Backlinks to your site

  1. Yahoo Directory – a link in Yahoos Directory will definitely give your website a huge boost. Unfortunately there is quite a high cost of $299 for a year but if you want ot invest in your website you should consider this. If your site is non commercial though then submit as it’s completely free!

  2. Forum Posts – try and hang out in forums on your specific subject. Answer questions when they occur and try and be helpful, in your signature include a link back to your website

  3. Blogs – there are blogs on just about any subject you can think of. Join in discussions with useful posts and where appropriate use a link back to your website to illustrate a point

An example of a great way to get a link is to sign on to something like Yahoo answers where you can attempt to answer peoples questions. Search for questions in your area and put a link in the resource box at the bottom to a page on your site that helps answer the question. It’s also a great way to get ideas for new pages as real people are asking these questions and looking for answers.

There is one more great way of obtaining good quality bookmarks to your blog or website and that is by harnessing the power of social bookmarking. There are hundreds of social bookmarking sites which can give you many quality backlinks to your website and boost your traffic. These sites are actually great for getting your new website pages indexed quickly as well as the search engines spider these sites many times a day.

The only problem with getting backlinks from these hundreds of websites is that it is extremely time consuming which is why I use some backlinks software to create these links for me. If you want a look at a program called SocialBot which you can use to automatically produce these backlinks you can read about it here.

Alternative solutions you may want to look into for automated social bookmarking include Bookmarking Demon and Auto Social Poster.

SocialBot 3.0 Social bookmark software

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