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Lets remember that the search engines don’t really like people specifically targeting high search positions. They want the search engine positions to represent the value of the content and not how clued up the owner is on Search Engine Optimisation. But the simple fact is the more you follow the basic rules in promoting your website – the higher your search engine rankings and currently social bookmarking submission is something you should definitely take seriously.

All the search engines love social bookmarking sites as the content is controlled by user preferences – they represent the pages that users want to keep and share with others. As such backlinks from these sites not only produce good traffic but they have a value of a high value link pointing at your website.

You can think of social bookmarking sites as a way of sharing the content of your favourites with everyone else – as such they can generate an awful lot of traffic if the content is good. Highly commercial sites do less well on these sites but generally you’ll still score on the backlinks. Although some sites can limit the link value using the ‘no follow’ tag until they become more popular.

Currently it is not worth worrying too much about how the value of the links will change or indeed how search engines will value them – the simple fact is currently these links will bring in serious traffic and count as links to your website. It is folly to worry about future perceptions on the internet – the next craze is probably round the corner and you should ride that one too !

Social bookmarking submission can take ages though – I’ve done it manually and it literally can take up days of time if you have a lot of pages to register. There are services who will charge you a fixed fee for submitting to some of these sites – but I have never been a fan of these. I don’t mind paying for the service but the problem is the companies are focussed on speed and quantity not quality of submissions. As such they will often use old and simplistic submission scripts which spam t he social bookmark sites and enter poor quality submissions under randomly generated usernames.

If you don’t have hours to spare to do this process manually (which is definitely the best option) – then you should invest in some social bookmarking software which allows you to submit specifically and gradually to the social sites.

I’ve been using the Social Bot software for some time now – the reason I like it is because I can configure most elements of my social bookmarking submission. It’s wonderful software and very easy to use – in fact you could easily set up a social bookmark submission service using this software.

Read about it from link below – excellent little program which I use nearly every day to help generate links to my sites.

Alternative solutions you may want to look into for automated social bookmarking include Bookmarking Demon and Auto Social Poster.

SocialBot 3.0 Social bookmark software

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