Google AdWords Tips – 3 Proven Tips to Amp Up Your Marketing With AdWords

Internet marketing is king these days, gaining the advertising attention of companies large and small, all around the globe. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising affiliates such as Google AdWords are helping individuals and corporations to drive traffic from their target markets to company websites, where exposure is increased and new clients are won every single day. Following a few simple tips can help to ensure that your next Google AdWords PPC campaign is a success.

Tip 1 – Target your keywords

If you use general keywords in your Google campaign, you will be throwing a very wide net out into the cyber-ocean. This means, of course, that you may catch a large number of fish, but you may not catch the KIND of fish you are after. For instance, if you are selling bug spray on your website, and choose “bug” as your keyword, you will have people arriving at your site that are not interested in bug spray at all. They may want to know the average lifespan of a bee or discover how to purchase crickets to feed their pet. However, if you choose keywords such as “kill bugs” or “repellant”, you are likely to hook only the web surfers that are most likely to have an interest in your product.

Tip 2 – Global negatives are really positive

It may sound confusing, but global negatives can be beneficial for your next Google AdWords campaign. Simply enter the keywords that you do NOT want your ad to appear in response to, such as “free”. This means that no one surfing the internet for freebies will be sent to your site, which in turn means that only customers that are potentially ready to make a purchase will be sent to your website.

Tip 3 – Spend time on your landing page

Make sure that you have an individual landing page for each specific keyword that you are targeting via Google AdWords. This way, a prospective client will not have to “land” on your homepage and then navigate their own way to the specific page that has what they are after. The more that web surfers have to work to get to the specific page they are after on your website, the more clients you will lose along the way.

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