The Horrible Sin of PPC Campaign Management

Often times most people do not realize that the reason they are failing in PPC campaign management is because they are horribly offending the Google gods. Yes, there are several all too common mistakes that AdWords advertisers make to anger Google, thus ruining their chances of succeeding in AdWords.

The Quickest Way to be Damned by Google

So, you want to know the quickest way to literally be damned by Google? Just start advertising in AdWords with a landing page that has little or no relevancy with your keywords. I can assure you; this will guarantee you a slot in Google hell. You see, Google expects your landing page to be relevant to all of the keywords you are advertising under. Why? Well, Google wants to only return the most relevant results to its users. Google wants the sites that it considers to be most relevant to the phrase searched on to show up first.

Many times, especially when the AdWords program first started out, spammy advertisers would advertise their site under search terms that had absolutely nothing to do with their sites in attempts to get more traffic from Google. (Even if they did succeed in getting more traffic the whole idea was stupid anyway. Only “targeted traffic” is worth buying.) Anyway, being the super hero that Google is, Google put algorithms into place to help determine whether a site is actually relevant to what the searcher is searching on.

So, just what does Google do to sites that it finds to be irrelevant? The answer is nothing. Google does absolutely nothing to the site but it does do an awful lot to the price the advertiser has to pay per click. You see, Google has a way of dealing with these irrelevant sites and forcing them from the paid search results by charging a heck of a lot more per click. If you plan on advertising under keywords that your site is not 100% relevant to then be prepared, because Google is going to make your AdWords experience slow and agonizing. Not only are you going to get sorry ad placement but you are also going to have to pay a heck of a lot per click.

Welcome to Google Hell

Unfortunately many advertisers are going to Google hell all because they simply do NOT know how to make their landing pages be relevant to their keywords and if it were not for AdWords experts like myself going around and preaching the Google Gospel many advertisers like you would be doomed to failure as their campaigns slip into the abyss of what I call, “Google Hell”.

A Cleansing of Sins and a Change of Heart

While you may already be experiencing pretty bad click costs and sorry ad placement, it is not necessarily too late for you to repent and once again be restored to the good graces of the Google gods. It’s not too late, but you must take action now if you want to have a chance.

Appeasing the Google Gods by Making your Landing Pages Have Perfect Relevancy

Alas, I can not forever guide and instruct you on how to do ‘this and that’ to get in Google’s good graces but I will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Landing page relevancy is quite east to achieve and there several things that must be done in order to achieve it. For instance, try using a little technique called “Dynamic Keyword Insertion” to automatically pass and insert your keywords in strategic places on your website. Also, try passing the keywords through headlines, alt tags, the footer…Etc. Be sure to optimize your page for your top keywords using your meta title, meta description and meta keywords tags. Remember, relevancy is the key to higher ad placement and lower click costs in Google AdWords. Do whatever it takes to achieve it and Google will surely bless you.

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