Get $0.10 Per Click in AdWords For CPA Or Affiliate Marketing

Most people are still making losses paying so much per click on AdWords or other pay per click programs, if only they know how to get those clicks quicker and cheaper, If you bid the normal way for some keywords you are likely to get few or no clicks when there is so much competition for that keyword. Imagine you paying $3 or even more for a click and the offer you are promoting will give you $3 or less per zip code entered, you are most likely to run into losses.

This is no longer the case for some smart CPA marketers as there is now a new trick you can use to get visitors for as low as $0.10 per click. Before now people only use article submission to generate traffic for their CPA websites, but now you ca get clicks from AdWords for as low as 10 cents or even a cent.

The first thing to do after getting a website, register with Google AdWords, then use the Google trend website to look out for most searched keywords that relates to the offer you are promoting, after this type the keywords on Google and see if it has any AdWords advert, if it has none, you can now create your campaign and place your bid, since you are the first person to create an AdWords campaign on it, you will get quick clicks irrespective of the amount you are paying.

Another tool that most people are not using is the US free ads, for $9 per month you can compete in so many keywords, you can also use the free option for only one campaign.

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