Review of “Beating AdWords” – Why to Buy “Beating AdWords”

“Beating AdWords” is an e-book co-authored by two Canadians named Kyle and Carson who, whilst being in college saw the opportunity to make money online in their spare time. Thus began their journey with Google AdWords.

Eventually after much trial and error they managed to find the formula to tame AdWords and destroy their competition. A few years later they decided to write a book based on what they did.

This was critically acclaimed and led to the formation of many new internet millionaires who followed closely the principles preached in the e-book.

Nowadays “Beating AdWords” retails at $67 at the electronic marketplace ClickBank. But in the meantime Kyle and Carson have decided to be more thorough in their teaching of internet marketing and so have created the Wealthy Affiliate University.

This resource now has over 20,000 members, with most of those having broke the first sale barrier that haunts many aspiring internet marketers.

So why should you not buy this e-book?

Because at select sites one can get “Beating AdWords” for $39.99, thus saving nearly $30 off the usual price.

This normally involves signing up for Wealthy Affiliate with sites that offer “Beating AdWords” as a free bonus.

One can then decide to cancel after a month, keep the e-book, and continue on their internet marketing adventure alone.

However with the one-time monthly fee that they signed up for, they will have access to the celebrated Wealthy Affiliate Forum and Learning Centre, whose contents are worth thousands of dollars

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