Can You Really Make Money on eBay Or Not?

Can you really make money on eBay or not? Of course– the sky is the limit for your earning potential.

Why then do so many fail?

There is so much bad info out there that it’s hard to know where to begin. Just do a search for “how to make money on eBay” and you are bombarded with tips… few of which actually work.

If you want to succeed you need to do things different then everybody else. This is true of just about anything you want to achieve.

If the “popular” methods worked then everybody would be making huge money. The facts are that over 90% fail on this popular auction site–that means most are doing something wrong. Look at what everybody else does and do the opposite.

So what does everybody else do? They go to the “Pulse”… find the “best selling” products… and try to sell those.

What’s wrong with this?

After all, those products have the most demand-why not sell them? Because there is a TON of competition for them.

Unless you have been making money on eBay for a long time–and know EXACTLY what you are doing–you aren’t going to make money with the “best selling” items. Many have tried… few have succeeded.

So what are the best products to sell?

“Under the radar” items. What are they? They are typically items that have low amounts of competition and demand… and it’s quite easy to make $5-10 a day with most of them.

True, none of them alone will make you a millionaire…but when you sell many of them you will become very wealthy.

How do you find these “low profile” products?

First get “wholesale” catalogs to thumb through. Then just start with the 1st category and go from beginning to end. If you don’t find a good product in there, go to the next category and repeat the same process.

Don’t skip over a category or product because you don’t have interest in it. This is a HUGE mistake and one that many sellers make.

You will probably find some of your best selling items are things you couldn’t care less about.
So back to the original question-”can you really make money on eBay”? You can-when you do the opposite of everybody else.

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