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eBay Marketing Made Simple

eBay is a tough nut to crack, but if you’ve got a good system in place, then making money on eBay will become very simple to you. The system consists of finding a good supply of in-demand products (whether it be your basement, other sellers on eBay, or a wholesale company), being able to create an excellent listing, and being able to handle the fulfillment and customer service. Once you’ve got that down pat, you’re off to the races.

Let’s back up a bit though and start with market research. Figure out what’s selling first – don’t just pick up random junk in your house and try to sell it. Things that always seem to sell very well are video games, cell phones plus their accessories, clothing, collectibles, and jewellery. If you’re short on cash, I’m sure you can find something in your house to sell that falls under one of those categories.

Next comes more market research – more specifically, looking at eBay listings for similar items that you want to sell. Take note of what the going price is for an item that you want to sell. Is shipping included in the price, and if so, how much are they charging? Is the item in mint or used condition? Does it come with bonuses or goodies? All these factors, and more, should help you determine how to price your item.

The most important part of an eBay listing, aside from what it’s selling, is the headline. As it is with articles, press releases, and emails, the headline is the first and potentially last thing that a prospect ever sees of, in this case, your listing. Things that you don’t want to include in your title are weird characters like asterisks and ampersands, acronyms like BIN (buy it now), calls to action like “buy now” or “check this out”, or unnecessary descriptive words like “awesome” or “lovely”. Not only do these things not help in selling a product, they also don’t get searched in eBay’s internal search feature which means it won’t help get your listing noticed. Think about it: who’s going to search for “lovely china tea cup” on eBay?

Creating an effective listing is simple: all you need to do is to describe your product as clearly as possible and to make the buying process as painless as possible. eBay has many features to help you out in that regard, so make use of them. Use as many images as you deem necessary to show the potential customer exactly what your product looks like from every angle. For larger objects like cars, you will obviously need more photos. Be sure to mention any defects or damage that your product has. Also, if you offer international shipping and multiple payment options, you’ll likely get a much higher number of bids.

The system for profiting with eBay is simple: you’ll need a good product, a good listing, and a good fulfillment process. However, selling things this way, the traditional way, is just the beginning. Have you checked out the eBay classifieds? Have you tried selling affiliate products or building a list using eBay? Have you tried flipping websites on eBay? If you connect eBay with Internet marketing, the possibilities are endless.

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