Free Stuff to Sell on eBay? 3 Ways to Find “Free” Stuff to Sell Now

Finding free stuff to sell on eBay to is a great way to get started. You can’t build a business around them… but selling these “cheapie” items can give you invaluable experience you can use for your “long term” products.

You can also reinvest any money you make into your business. Here are 3 sources to find “freebies” them instantly.

SOURCE #1) Your own things

This is the best source. Remember–your goal is not to make a big income with this.

You just want to learn about keyword research… setting up an auction… figuring how much to charge…. etc. Take special notice of the top sellers in your category and model their auctions.

This is the same strategy you will want to use when marketing wholesale products–the “lifeblood” of your eBay business.

SOURCE #2) Moving sales

If for some reason you have absolutely nothing you own to auction, moving sales are another option.

Often times people will be so desperate to get rid of their things before a move that they literally give them away or sell them for ridiculously cheap prices. You can get TONS of free stuff to sell on eBay with this strategy.

Don’t worry so much about how much money you get for them. Remember that your goal is not to make a lot of money–simply to get used to setting up an auction.

SOURCE #3) Become a traders assistant

You can also find friends and family who want to get rid of things and just market for them to save them time.

Most times professional traders’ assistants take 25% of the total profits but I would suggest just doing it for free due to your lack of experience.

Again, at this point your goal is just gaining experience… not building a “long term” business.

There are people who generate a full time income as a traders’ assistant but I wouldn’t recommend it. Trust me… you can make MUCH more money selling wholesale products. Use these 3 methods to find free stuff to sell on eBay and start auctioning today.

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