How to Make Money on eBay Fast – 3 “Deadly” Mistakes to Avoid

Do a quick search for “how to make money on eBay fast” and you’ll be amazed at the massive quantity of info that comes up.

There is so much “bogus” online about how to get rich from auctions that it’s no wonder so many are failing. Here are 3 “killer” mistakes most beginners make that you need to avoid.

MISTAKE #1) Selling products that don’t have demand

Sell the wrong things and it doesn’t matter how great a marketer you are… you won’t be profitable. Dan Kennedy-one of the greatest “direct response” marketers today-says that “you can’t beat bad economics with good marketing”.

In other words… regardless of how great your auction might be… if there isn’t demand or your product you aren’t going to make money. It’s just that simple.

MISTAKE #2) Not selling ENOUGH products

eBay is a “bargain” driven site. Because of this you aren’t going to make huge profits from any single product you sell-that’s just the way it is.

The key to getting rich is VOLUME

In other words… don’t get discouraged if one product is “only” making you $10 a day. Just go out and find 150 others just like that. “Rinse and repeat”-that’s how to make money on eBay fast.

MISTAKE #3) Forgetting the “back-end”

This is probably the single biggest mistake I see auctioneers make. They just assume that since their customers have already bought from them, they won’t buy anything else–therefore they stop marketing to them.

This is a HUGE mistake

Your past customers are your best customers-engrain that in your head. Not only that but it’s very cheap to continue marketing to them since you already have their contact info.

Trust me–it’s much easier selling to a satisfied customer then somebody who has no experience with you. Send them to offers on your own website. Here you have far less competition and therefore can sell for higher prices.

But won’t they check eBay for better prices?

A certain percentage will-but don’t worry about them. This is a NUMBERS game… and enough people will buy from you that you will still become very wealthy.

Having a profitable back-end is the ONLY way to make money on eBay fast.

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