Banner Ad Success – Should You Use the Google AdWords Content Network?

As you probably know, the Google AdWords Content Network is a form of banner and text advertising. You can run your ads on related sites in your market through Google’s system. But the question people want to know is if this is the smartest thing to do. In this article I want to show you an even better way to get banner advertising going.

Secret #1:

The first thing you have to realize is that Google can provide you a lot of traffic through the Content Network, the problem is they are always in control of the relationship as you are using their system.

The problem with that is you have to pay what they tell you to pay & the cost are only going one way – up! They are a public company and have to show an ever increasing profit or their stock will go down. So they have to over time keep increasing the costs.

Secret #2:

You want to go directly to the site owners themselves and avoid the Content Network. The reason is that you can get better rates from the site owners themselves in most cases.

Also, you get to put your website link on their site and get the SEO value so your site will go higher in the search engines.

Not only that, but you can buy more ads from the site owners and often times the longer you do business with them, they will give you more deals on price. So over time, you can pay less and less!

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