Tips For a Successful Google AdWords Campaign

Whether you are considering Google AdWords or other pay per click platforms, or are utilizing Google AdWords currently for advertising for your business, there are a few very important issues to consider and address in the short term if you are series about developing a successful long term pay per click advertising campaign that generates revenue.

First off, you have to ensure you are utilizing the conversion tracking system. What is a conversion? A conversion is a desired course of action that you want your website visitor to complete, whether that is a sale, a registration of some type, a download perhaps, or maybe a completion of a lead form in many cases. The conversion tracking system is handled by placing a small script supplied within the AdWords platform within the “thank you” page code that appears after a completed action, so then the script is then only activated after a completed action that you wish to track. Then, the system pings back to AdWords with information on which keyword was typed in prior to that action, as well as which of your ads was clicked on. So you can see the value in this can’t you? If you know which keywords generate sales or leads after some time you can eliminate keywords that don’t produce anything and focus your spending only on those keywords and variations of ad text that generate the best responses! You can literally double, triple, or exponentially multiple your returns from AdWords just by leveraging this system properly.

Ok, next you need to ensure your targeting is setup properly. If you are a locally based business you need to ensure your ads are only showing within those geographic areas which you want to target. Otherwise you risk getting way too much irrelevant traffic. And guess what? People will not just “not click on your ad” because it says the locality you serve. People are click happy. If your business serves southern Arizona only, your ads should only show in that area. UNLESS you are using ONLY geographically centric keyword phrases like “phoenix landscaping company” instead of just “landscaping company”. (it’s best to setup separate campaigns; one testing broad terms and the other testing terms with geographic terms)

Make sure you have logically structured ad groups. More ad groups, fewer keywords is the way to go. Create as much relevance as possible. You want your AD text to match your keywords as closely as possible and match the most relevant page on your website. Don’t be afraid to TARGET several ad groups for several different pages or products on your website. Create several “themes” based on different services or products and build each ad group’s ad copy and keyword list based on that, and match it with the most relevant “landing page” on your website.

Well that should get you started with some of the basics and help you avoid some of the major pitfalls. There are many more, so read up on what’s out there! Best of luck to you.

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