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Try Out the AdWords Tool For Your Internet Business

Get your internet business on the road to financial freedom by using the all important Google AdWords tool. The tool is a free tool for web masters and home based internet business owners alike. This is a very powerful tool if you know how to use it. It is not necessary for internet business owners to buy into the program in order to drive traffic to their site. Let us analyze the two ways the Google AdWords tool can be effectively used and which of the two is the better bet.

Starting with Google AdWords, This is a paid program where web masters of internet businesses bid on certain highly relevant and targeted keywords. Say you are a web master and you have bid 200 US dollars on a certain keyword or phrase that you have chosen through the free tool that particular word or phrase will be allotted to your sites URL. Now every time people type in that keyword or phrase your site will appear along side all searches directing people to your URL. However, every time someone clicks on your URL Google dips in and takes out a position of your deposit with them.

Then comes the problem when someone bids slightly higher than you for the same word or phrase. Immediately you are removed and he or she is allotted the slot. So you never know how long you bid is going to drive traffic to your site. You also never know if anyone IS going to come to your site through the Google AdWords program that is going to cost you money and that too non-refundable.

Now consider the other method called ‘organic SEO’. Organic SEO is a technique of gathering words through the AdWords tool for free and writing hundreds of articles around those keywords or phrases. These articles are written inserting the keywords and phrases into places through the articles about five or six times. Then these articles are posted to blogs and article directories. These blogs and directories allow the web master to insert his or her URL in a special resource box made for the purpose.

When people enter the keywords and phrases in a search engine the articles containing those phrases turn up in the result page and so people reading the articles pertaining to the relevant internet business are directed to go to the web site of the internet business thus resulting in traffic to your site. This is by far the better way to get traffic to your web site using the Google AdWords tool – and all for free.

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