How to Effectively Build Backlinks to Your Site

The whole point of creating backlinks is to attract people to visit your website. Backlinks are links that are pointing back to your site. You can build up backlinks in many different ways. I will here explain some of them.

The main reason behind building backlinks to your site is increasing your website traffic. It’s very simple. You make backlink and some clicks on it. If he finds your site interesting, he will come back. There is a chance that someone will make backlink to your site if he thinks the content is good.

But the facts I stated above aren’t the only benefits. There is one more huge factor: search engine. Backlinks increase your page ranking in search engines. Basically, to make is simple (maybe not 100% correct), search engines are ranking your “popularity”. So backlinks definitely contribute.

Another important thing to point out is that number of links aren’t as crucial as their quality. So you have to make backlinks to your site on sites that have topics similar to yours.

For start, you could search for websites that match your topic and trade links with them. Send mail to webmaster and talk to him. But don’t go too far, because you don’t want to make link-farm out of your website.

Also, look for social bookmarking sites and submit your website. Social bookmarking sites are very popular and have many visitors. If you have informative and meaningful content, you can boost up your traffic in short period of time.

Exploit forums to increase your traffic. But do not spam. That is golden rule for posting on forums. When you find forum that suites your topic, try to read few topics before you make your first post. Just to get feeling for that forum. Put backlink to your site into your signature with short description.

That’s all for now. I’m sure there are more ways to boost up your traffic, but these are the most important ones. Good luck!

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