AdWords Secrets – 3 Steps to Keyword Research That Translate to Real Profits

Good keyword research is not just another AdWords secret but it actually plays an important role in the success of an AdWords campaign. Keywords are basically those words, which are normally used by an internet visitor to enable their search related to a specific requirement. The use of right keywords will not only assist in the success of your AdWords campaign but will also help in improving the overall Page Rank of your website in search engines and optimize search engine marketing as well.

There are several online businesses that have succeeded on the basis on good keyword research. AdWords secrets suggest that there are basically three important aspects of quality keyword research and it is a step-by-step process. Here are the 3 important steps:

Step #1: Hot trends: You need to research over the internet and find out the various hot trends and top keywords. You can check out the popular keyword trends from websites like Yahoo Buzz, Google Trends, and MSN a-list. You can even find top keywords from Technorati Popular for your blog.

Step #2: Related Keywords: Keywords only will not lead to the success of your AdWords campaign; you need to search for relevant keywords. If your AdWords is set up for promoting iPod then the keywords you search for should be related to iPods or the product, service, or business.

Step #3: Keyword Competition: Once you had found the right keywords, it is important that you check the competition. Competition basically means how many times the keyword has been searched for. Hence, it is always better to choose those keywords that have less than 30,000 competitions.

As you can probably tell by now, keyword research is integral to the success of an AdWords marketer.

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  1. Your post really cleared up some confusion as to what makes a good keyword, Thanks.

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