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Could you use a Free AdWords Keyword Wrapper tool? Would you like a tool combines multiple lists and results in all possible keyword phrases? Would you also like to wrap AdWords keywords in the proper syntax for the various matched that you select?

This AdWords wrapper tool has the unique ability to combine keywords with prefixes and suffixes. Think of it like one list of adjectives and one list of nouns and then combining all the terms into all the possible phrases.

The easiest example of this is state names. Suppose your keywords are “attorney” and “lawyer”. You could add state names to the prefix (the tool lets you do that in one click) and combine all 50 prefixes with your keywords. You will have generated 100 keyword phrases instantly. Plus you are free to enter any data you wish, so you are not locked into just state names.

Of course the AdWords wrapper tool will wrap your keywords in the proper delimiters. The four keyword matches on AdWords are broad, phrase, exact and negative. AdWords users know these matches are denoted with square brackets, quotes and minus signs. You have the option of generating any combination of these matches.

There are also some additional features that you can access. AdWords allows you to specify a max CPC bid for a keyword. You can provide this information in the tool and it will append the max CPC bid with the proper syntax. Similarly, AdWords allows you to specify a unique destination URL per keyword. The tool will generate the proper syntax for the destination URL too. You can use tokens within the tool to substitute the keyword into the URL (it’s like AdWords dynamic keyword insertion) so that each keyword can have a unique destination URL.

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