Ninja Secrets to Getting Cheap Clicks on Google AdWords

The reality is, Google wants to give you traffic but at the same time also wants to make as much money as humanly possible off of you. That is why I want to show you exactly how to use these ninja secrets to get really cheap clicks from Google & get a lot of traffic.

Ninja Secret #1:

You must stop trying to be an AdWords bottom feeder! This is a mistake that most people make when they are starting out using pay per clicks. They try and find any market that has $0.01 traffic and build a business around it.

This is not smart! The reason is – “cheap clicks” means a lot of things! I currently have a market that costs me about $1.25 a click to get traffic in. Now, that sounds expensive, but the reality is that it is very cheap!

For every $1.25 I spend on a click I can get as much as $5.00 back in new sales. So why would I go around trying to find $0.10 clicks when I make a small fortune off the traffic I get for $1.25?

So realize that it is about making a lot of the traffic you get verses finding the cheapest possible traffic.

Ninja Secret #2:

Get into a market that has more then one high traffic keyword. This is very important because a lot of markets only have one big traffic keyword. The problem is, that keyword is actually to expensive to make a profit on. So what you need is markets that have thousands of good keywords that have less competition.

I get traffic from over 80,000 different keywords in my markets. You can do this to and get tons of traffic to your websites!

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