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50% Off These Powerful Mass Automation Tools

Mass Automation Tools software development was created to provide time-saving blogging, marketing and domain management tools for online marketers and bloggers.

Each tool attempts to resolve some problem or time-consuming task that online bloggers and marketers must perform regularly. For example: providing a way to upload a single file to hundreds of domains at once without having to log into FTP for each upload, or a way to copy an entire blog from one location to another location (or multiple locations) easily.

Mass Automation Tools also focus on providing advanced plugin solutions for WordPress and Joomla bloggers. All of our plugins or scripts perform advanced automated tasks which can save users hours each week.

Designed for professional, large-scale use, all tools are server-side applications written in PHP for speed, scalability and to allow for hands-free processing of tasks.

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Recently Upgraded Mass Automation Tools

Recently, we upgraded the following products: -

- Auto Social Poster – version 4.2. Updating BM sites support.

- RSS Bookmarking – version 3.5. Updating BM sites support.

- Mass Account Manager – version 2.8. Minor settings upgrade.

- WP Auto Installer – version 3.2. Improving workflow

- WP Cloner – version 3.9. Adding a feature to detect automatically firewall issues that sometimes block FTP connections

- WP Anchor Link – version 1.1: adding support for 2-word keywords

Our plugins are compatible with latest WordPress version: 2.8.6

Newly Released Mass Automation Tools

- Synonymizer 3.0: This is a brand new, fully recoded version of Synonymizer. It is faster and much more robust. The ‘synonymizing’ process has been streamlined with much better memory management than in the past. Synonymizer is now an excellent tool to efficiently publish your articles across your visitors’ network of blogs, particularly when used together with WP Blaster.

- WP Membership Tool 1.0: Our new plugin will add *membership* support to your visitors’ WordPress blogs. They will be able to restrict specific pages or posts to their subscribers and start collecting recurring subscriptions from their members. Main features are as follows:

- Easy-to-use tags to separate free content from premium one
- SEO optimized
- Support for unlimited user levels
- First click free feature
- No change needed at blog level
- Payments: support for ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Buy Now’ Paypal buttons
- Registration: seamless integration with internal WP user system
- Terms &conditions approval feature.
- Feedback from members feature
- Membership and subscription cancellation automation


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  1. It’s usually true, although I would be careful about the automatic method. Sometimes search engines do not like copied data.

  2. Hi Beckie. It’s true that if you directly copy an entire page, it will be a duplicate and the search engines will show a preference depending on age of site, page rank, first indexed among other things but pulling in bits and pieces from numerous sites does create a new, unique page. Do some google searches and you will see that these types of sites are ranking very well. If you think about it, most of the social networking sites like Digg and Stumbleupon are little more than that themselves and they rank very well.

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