Magic Article Rewriter Review

I’ve had Magic Article Rewriter bookmarked for a while now and finally decided to take the leap and give it a go. I’ve had some time to really get a good feel for it so here’s my first hand review.

In the event you aren’t quite sure exactly what Magic Article Rewriter is or what it does, let me explain.

This is a software which you download and run on your local computer. You can then “spin” your articles or replace words and phrases to create new articles.

Here are a few of the top reasons why you may want to spin articles.

1. Combined with an article submitter (Magic Article Rewriter has one available on their website that is ready to work with their rewriter software) you can generate mostly unique articles for submitting to a large number of article directories which is great for building backlinks.

2. You can spin product sales pages and use the output on your own product review sites. This still gets the major selling points across while giving you a better chance of higher search engine placement since it is viewed as unique content.

3. It’s great for building linkwheels. This is what I’m currently using it for although I did purchase ArticleBot from Icansoft to submit my spun articles to the directories. I am in the process of testing that software out and will be putting out my review on that shortly so watch for it.

Ok, so that’s basically what it is and what it does so now let’s get into what I actually thought about the software itself.

First of all, the download and installation process went without a problem. When you run for the first time, you’ll be required to enter your activation key and it will register.

When you open the software up, you will be presented with a blank screen and lots of cutsie icons at the top. It’s kind of hard to tell where you should start when looking at this screen so I would advise you to do what I did… read completely through the instruction manual and go watch a few videos on Youtube. Doing this, I was able to begin using the software right away and it really is super simple to use, once you know which icons do what and in which order you should use them.

I really like that Magic Article Rewriter is able to handle embeded spinner syntax because I was easily able to not only spin words but also phrases and entire sentences.

For example, I would spin each sentence first. You don’t have to know anything about the curly brackets or pipes, you just highlight the desired text and type the new sentence into the box and it is added automatically as it should be.

I’m bored so I’m going to the movies.|I decided to go to the movies because there was nothing else to do.

Once I had spun each sentence, I went back and started spinning words. Since I had read through the manual I knew one of the icons would automatically run through the entire article and highlight all the words which had synonyms in the database. That made it extremely easy to use.

I’m sure it was probably overkill but my finished work was a 216% change. Can’t get much more unique than that!

A few of the more notable features.

Mass Rewrite – This feature allows you to choose a number of articles you want to generate and it will crank out that many articles. I use 30 website properties in my linkwheels so that’s how many unique articles I generate to use for this purpose. You can then save the spun file to be used in an article submitter.

Manage Tokens – As you are using this software, you can create tokens for words or phrases and have all of these replaced at once without going through the article. They do have one icon “Apply Magic” that will automatically apply tokens of over 18,000 words and phrases which really takes all of the work out of it. This ability is an add on purchase but it really doesn’t cost much and the time it saves is worth many times that amount.

Combine Articles – Click one button and you can add two or more articles into the software which will be combines in a spun format to get even more mileage out of your articles. It’s like the spinning sentences except it swaps entire paragraphs. Run the tokens button for even more originality.

Stop Words – One great way to get better backlinks is by spinning the anchor text on your articles pointing back to your site. But if you have a word or long tail keyword phrase that you are trying to rank for, you can enter this as your stop word(s) and the spinner will ignore and not replace in your articles.

Those are just a few of the best features I have enjoyed. I really tried hard to find something that could use improving and I’m sorry but I just can’t. This is definitely one of my best purchases and I know I will be using the heck out of it.

Visit the Magic Article Rewriter sales page where you can learn about all of the included features and watch a couple videos they have showing the software in action. It is awesome!

Note: I mentioned earlier that I am testing the ArticleBot software. One thing I have already noticed is that it won’t handle the embeded spinner syntax (spun words within spun sentences), so if you are wanting to actually submit your work to the directories, you should get the submission software while buying the Magic Article Rewriter software. You get a nice discount when purchasing both products and they are built to work together.


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2 Responses to “Magic Article Rewriter Review”

  1. Lords

    The product I like but my page is in Spanish could tell me if I use Magic article in Spanish
    I would appreciate knowing if so buy it.
    Thank you very much

  2. Hello,

    Yes, it would work as you just highlight the word(s) and then type in the word(s) you want to replace with like


    The feature that automatically runs through your page and finds synonyms won’t work right out of the box but the synonyms dictionary is editable so you could build it as you go.

    They do offer a guaranteed refund so it won’t hurt to give it a try and see if it’s right for you.


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