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Affiliate Elite Review – Is Brad Callen’s Affiliate Elite a Scam?

The Affiliate Elite software can be used by a lot of affiliate internet marketers who have been doing affiliate marketing. It was developed by Brad Callen, who also created other SEO software such as SEO elite and Keyword Elite, both of which are good keyword tools that many internet marketers use.

So is Affiliate Elite Good?

Affiliate Elite claims to be able to help affiliate marketers make more money by managing and analyzing keywords both for SEO and AdWords purposes. Although online affiliate marketing is gotten a lot more difficult over the years, it still has the potential to make you a lot of money online.

Some of the functions included in Affiliate Elite include the ability to locate profitable keywords. It also allows you to perform reverse Google searches, analyze AdWords keywords and locate super affiliates.

It also allows you to spy on your competitors ads on AdWords, right down to the keyword and landing page used for a period of time.

Affiliate Elite also imports in entire categories of products from both Clickbank and Paydotcom and analyzes them to determine trends and provide recommendations on which product to promote and which to avoid.

This will give you a good view of all the keywords that generate great profits in someone website. When you’ve finally made your way in seeing all the marketing strategy and ad copy of your direct competitors you will surely find your way to great revenues.

Moreover, if you want to promote your own product, you can simply look and search for other affiliate marketers who have been advertising the same product as yours. And you can make use of Affiliate Elite software in promoting your own product by locating the super affiliate and maybe do a joint venture.

Although it is possible to do everything that affiliate elite does manually, it will take a lot of time. What the software does is allow you to concentrate on marketing your product or promoting an affiliate product instead of getting stuck in keyword selection, analysis and research.

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