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Blueprint to Be Rich With Affiliate Marketing

It always amazed me how people can make money without creating a product and dealing with customer services. Some of the well-known person such as Ewen Chia can make money online by selling other people stuffs, and this is commonly known as affiliate marketing. But, can you really be rich with affiliate marketing only?

The answer is yes, if you know how the affiliate marketing business model works. You will need to know the exact methods or simply, the affiliate blueprint.

To succeed at affiliate marketing you need a growing network of websites. These sites will feed each other traffic, pre-sell affiliate programs, and grow your opt-in email lists. These are the method that you need to know and do in order to be rich with affiliate marketing.

Here is all you really need to do to get started as affiliate marketer and be rich with it:

1. Get a domain name.

2. Get your affiliate link.

3. Make your first site that contain your affiliate link.

4. Make your second site (that also contain your affiliate link).

5. Link them together.

6. Promote them (and subsequently promote your affiliate link via your website).

7. Make another site.

8. Link them together.

9. Promote them.


There are several ways for you to do this, but they all require a basic skill set. You can create a free site via Squidoo or Hubpages. You can create a blog via Blogger, or setup your own self-hosted blog. You can then promote this via Twitter, or via social bookmarking sites such as Digg or Delicious.

By doing this, you’re exactly building your own network of stealthy affiliates, where you gives valuable contents that will lead your prospective customers to click at your affiliate link.

Then when people all over the net found your sites, they can click your affiliate link and that simply redirected them to an affiliate offer. Once they buy the products you’re promoting, you’re going to make commissions. Repeat this and be a super affiliate to gain the money figures you desire.

Does that sounds easy enough? Do you want to be a super affiliates and gain a big commission checks?


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