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Can Newbies Make Money With Ewen Chia’s Cash Machine?

Make money on line with Affiliate Programs and New Cash Machine. When looking online for a business to work from home, with little to no cash investment a person will almost always run across affiliate programs. These are programs that different companies offer to help promote their products and increase sales, with out costing them anything up front to do it.

You essentially become a sales person for that company or that product, your commission depends on you making a sale. This is a legitimate business, it is possible to be a great success with it, but affiliate marketing is not easy. However, Ewen Chia has come up with a program, the Newbie Cash Machine, that he proclaims is what all “newbies” to internet marketing need in order to be successful.

The real question is “Can newbies make money with Ewen Chia’s Cash Machine?”

Ewen Chia has been in internet marketing for ten years. So there is some credibility to what he has to offer. He further tries to build his credibility by pointing out that there are scams on the market, there are sites that claim to make you rich overnight and he tells you that he is not one of those sites. There is no promise to overnight success, there is a hint though of what could be when he says, “you might see serious cash pretty darn quick.” Mr. Chia is also trying to differentiate himself from everyone else by telling you that he is going to actually show you how to run an internet marketing business. His program is the blueprint that you “must have” in order to make the money that you are dreaming of. He teases with the fact that in his equation to success, he has the “secret sauce” recipe that he will only share with you if you buy his program.

His blueprint is in fact the framework that is needed for a successful long-term business, and the plus side of what the Newbie Cash Machine has is that once it is in motion it does not require babysitting. As referenced earlier, making money with affiliate programs can be very profitable, but it is not easy, and it does require work, while the Cash Machine will make it automated so to speak. Ewen Chia stresses that this is about building a business, not just making money.

Ewen Chia’s Newbie Cash Machine is so simple to follow that he doesn’t know how you will be able to follow the steps and not make money. Again trying to win over the potential buyer with “honesty”, he tells you that while other sites are worried that you may take a cut of their money, he is not, there is plenty to go around. We can all agree with that statement, there is plenty of money to be made on the internet and plenty of it to go around. Plus, the point of being a success at your internet marketing is that you are offering something that your competitor is not.

The answer to the question on whether or not a newbie can make money with Ewen Chia’s Cash Machine is – probably. A person can make money with Affiliate programs so if the Newbie Cash Machine will help make the process simpler and more automated then you will be able to make money with both the affiliate programs and the Newbie Cash Machine. It is a small investment to make to start your own business, and for those that are already in the business, it is a small risk if it can boost your sales with what you are already doing. Plus Ewen Chia offers a money back guarantee, no questions asked, all he wants you to do is buy it, try it, and make a success story. After all, it won’t help his sales if there aren’t any success stories for him to boast about.


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