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The Top 4 Rules in Affiliate Marketing

This article introduces the top 4 guiding principles in affiliate marketing; to turn oneself from a normal meager-earning affiliate into a powerhouse.

Rule 1 revolves around the central tenet of being able to focus and have an undivided goal. This refers to the ability to always “flog the same horse” be it dead or alive until results are seen. The former should always be used in conjunction with sticking to the business plan and also taking massive daily action. One target/objective at a time is the mantra here.

In practical terms, this simply means one affiliate blueprint business plan at a time, one program at a time, one website at a time and lastly one customer service objective at a time. This will keep one on-track in building a steady business before moving on to another. Consequently, it will all be replication and little else.

Rule 2 revolves around the idea of keeping things simple and non-complicated for the internet user. Again in reality, this means sending a simple link via email or other pinging services, directing traffic to simple opt-in pages, distributing targeted emails and providing alternative means of communication and content delivery. Overloading is the key-word to avoid here with simplicity offering better conversions.

Rule 3 focuses on the fact that great affiliates do not remain anonymous. Instead, they have around themselves a brand and cult following who will buy almost whatever they recommend. This works again on the general principle of – “if these guys are always seen and have been around, they must be good” – and proves to be invaluable in terms of establishing trust. Following that, one should always take the chance for self-promotion including frequently using full profiles including photos on all of one’s web pages and graphic headers, creating a tag-line/s and/or a unique online personality and employing novel logos and colour schemes

In conclusion, rule 4 talks about lead generation and list building and as the old woman says it “the dough is in the list.” Selling depends 90 percent on relationships and this is the same both on and offline. Hence, having a list enables potential customers to form bonds directly with one with two-way flow of information, there is better control as customers/leads, there are many opportunities for repeat business and through time the bonds forged would be very hard to break indeed. Also, from a customer’s point of view being subscribed onto a reliable list ensures good quality information and immensely more pleasant transactional experience.


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