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Commission Blueprint 2.0 Review

Commission Blueprint 2.0 is due to be released on the 9th of September. This product is going to be a high quality product, going over all the different aspects of Affiliate Marketing. Were Commission blueprint 1 was about click bank products and the way to promote them using Google’s pay-per-click advertisement, this product is about affiliate marketing as a whole. Commission Blueprint 2.0 will be dealing with click bank, commission junction, amazon, CPA networks and numerous others.

The guys that created this product were Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton. Tim Godfrey has been in the Internet marketing business for numerous years now. His main focus has been on health and golf niches. Also has he been running a highly profitable online gambling business for a few years now.

Steve Clayton has a background in the corporate industry. He is a former vice president of a fortune 500 company. His main activity is managing large Google AdWords campaigns. He started his own marketing company a few years back.

The previous product that Tim and Steve launched became the best selling product ever at click bank. This network is one of the world’s largest affiliate networks in the world, focusing especially on digital product.Tim and Steve have been launching Internet marketing products only for a few years now, but they have become some of the most popular Internet marketing teachers on the net. They are know for their high quality products, and their easy to implement strategies which are provided in their courses. They stand out in easily and clearly explaining certain Internet Marketing processes, which has made each one of their products a success so far.

Commission Blueprint 2.0 will be their biggest product so far.This product is meant to deliver a complete blueprint for affiliate marketing. It is going to give you a strategy to build an online affiliate business, or to expand your current online business in case you already have one. The product is also suitable for newbies in the Internet marketing business. Because of their skills to explain things in great details this product will be an enrichment to experienced and new Internet marketers.


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