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Traffic, The Life Blood of Your Internet Business, Without Traffic You Are Dead in the Water

Lack of traffic is probably the #1 reason new Internet marketers give up before they make their first sale.

You can have a great looking site and a salable product, but you need tons of traffic. So What To Do and What Not To Do.

If you are new, you want to look for all the free and nearly free traffic you can find until you have a proven ad and a workable formula. Stay away from pay per clicks until you fully understand them, or you can lose a bundle. Don’t get trapped into expensive traffic courses with monthly fees. Redirected traffic, pop-under targeted traffic is great for your Alexa ratings, but it probably won’t help your bottom line much.

If you are new and have a salable product and a professional looking site, you can make it sell. Set up an affiliate program. Use one of the many companies that will handle all the details for you, It is easier than you may think. Start using free ad sites. Do a search for free classified ads. This is good practice to see what works without spending money. Be careful some free sites also offer upgrades. I find the free ones are just as good as upgrading.

Write articles, Many articles! Post them on article sites. This will give you back links, you will be surprises how fast the search engines will pick them up and you will find your site coming up on some of the bigger, better search engines without even listing your site to the search engines. I personally think listing your site is a waste of time. Make sure you have a title and the proper meta tags and lots of back links. The search engines Will find you.

You need a reliable follow-up auto-responder. List building is very important! Offer everyone who drops by your site what- ever it takes for them to opt-into your list. This is where you start a viral marketing campaign. Done properly, this will release an Avalanche of unlimited free traffic. Once you have made some sales, have 50-75 affiliates, then you can look for some pay traffic. Start free to learn, then move up. Remember list building is big, don’t short cut it. If you stop by, I will give you a course on list building. Good Marketing on all your projects.

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