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What Is Cost Per Action Marketing?

In this article I will explain to you what Cost Per Action Marketing is, how you earn commissions and why you may want to look at this form of Affiliate Marketing as a way to make money online.

So, What Is Cost Per Action Marketing? Cost Per Action Marketing, also known as “CPA Marketing” is a type of Affiliate Marketing that requires visitors to websites to complete certain actions, such as entering some contact information, (an email address for example) sign up for free trials or request a free product sample. Sometimes it involves asking the consumer to try a new product or service by making a small purchase. (Usually just small a shipping charge)

What this to means to you, as a promoter is you get paid for “actions” taken by the traffic you send to advertisers. For example, a company has a new product they are introducing. They agree to pay the promoters $3.00 for each visitor that submits their email address.

Your job is to send traffic to their site and then collect $3.00 for each visitor that enters their email address. Other promotions may need more information than just an email address or require an upfront payment, so they will pay more for an opt in. (More Information, More Money)

As a CPA Marketer your job is to just send traffic to the companies website. You basically buy traffic for their offer and send it their way and get paid for visitors that opt in. So in what you are in practice is a Traffic Broker. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It can be, but it generally isn’t. Like anything else there are some tricks to learn.

If You are familiar with PPC or Cost Per Click, CPA is very similar as you pay for advertising your promotions, the difference is that with CPA you will normally pay for impressions “CM” which is 1000 views for a set rate per 1000 views instead of paying for each click. But just for example you may only pay $20 for 1000 views….

So if you have a good offer (Like something Free for just entering a email address or zip code) and you know everyone Loves Free Stuff. You can do really well with CPA Marketing.

Because CPA Marketing is so profitable, CPA marketing is very competitive for the beginner, it can be a long tough road trying to compete with affiliates making thousands of dollars a day, or even affiliates that make hundreds a day with CPA Marketing.

When your just getting started, your competition can be very hard. Many beginners simply give up when they figure out that CPA marketing isn’t going to make them rich overnight.

But before I scare you off, CPA Marketing can be one of the easiest methods for someone new to Internet Marketing to begin seeing profits as fast as possible. Once you get the hang of Cost Per Action Marketing the sky can truly be the limit. This type of Affiliate Marketing has been a secret weapon of the Make Money Online Superstars.(Because it is highly profitable)It was never really a “secret” but while most people in Internet Marketing have been promoting ClickBank products, the Guru’s have been playing on a completely different level.


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You just need the right information to avoid the pitfalls and straighten out that nasty learning curve. For example, which offers to promote and where and how to promote them. It all comes down to tips and tricks [].

OK, so now you should have the basic ideal of what CPA Marketing is, a little of what it involves and maybe you may want to look at it a little bit closer. For more information and videos about CPA Marketing stop in and have a look around my website and thanks for reading my article. Watch The Video [].


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