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Does Free Traffic Convert? 2 Outrageous & Underground Traffic Tips That Will Make You Money

Is free traffic really worth it? Aren’t most “free” traffic strategies simply a way to “pad” your analytics with worthless numbers that don’t add to your bottom line? In this article we are going to talk about 2 underground traffic tips that DO convert, will improve your search rankings and ultimately, will help you become financially independent if you are willing to work on them. Curious to learn more? Great… read on below!

Okay…. what is the first traffic tip that I’m not using already?

Data feeds. Data feeds are a GREAT way to automatically add very specific, highly targeted and super converting content to your blog on autopilot. A merchant data feed will give you rich keyword titles, super specific content for your site, and these are products that will often show up super highly in the search engines as well….on autopilot. How do you get them? Very simple. Just go to any of the MAJOR affiliate networks, and as the merchants you are working with for their data feed. (also called a product catalog) You can auto post these to any major blogging platform with ease…and they are super simple to set up too. (and only 1 in 500 marketers even know what they are….but now you do!)

Okay, great…. What’s the second idea?

This one may cost you a few hundred bucks up front, but the avalanche of eyeballs you’ll get is FREE thereafter. Have a programmer create a WordPress plugin for you. Or, if a plugin feels to ambitious, just have someone make a nice, free blogging theme that you can give away on your site.

The net effect?

If the theme is good….you’ll be getting hundreds, if not thousands of high quality, viral links to your offer of choice (and affiliate offer is fine, too) and you’ll be building trust, respect and a brand to boot! Very easy, very effective and actually a lot of fun as well!

WARNING: Forget Mind-Numbing SEO,
One Sale-In-A-Million PPV,
Bank-Crushing PPC And Screw Google, Yahoo and MSN
This Is So New And Easy, It’ll Shock The Hell Outta You….


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